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Independent ‘Zero Tolerance’ candidate Kevin Hurley won the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner election by the slenderest of margins on the 15 The elections, which are the first of their kind in England and Wales, caused controversy due to the apparent lack of awareness or campaigning by either the Electoral Commission and the candidates themselves, and the politicisation of what many expect to be an independent public service. The candidates themselves had already clashed at the University’s hustings over the privatisation of police services and budget cuts, with Iles facing a personal grilling from Surrey graduate Rowan Cole over the validity of her manifesto.

4th Dec 2012


The Careers Service is celebrating being accredited with the matrix Standard; a nationally recognised quality mark for organisations that provide support to individuals in order to make learning and work more accessible.   During a thorough review of how the service operates, the independent external assessor interviewed members of the careers team, students in groups and individually, as well as graduates, academic staff and a range of employers.

19th May 2013


  As Surrey’s International Festival looms this March, the closing event is already looking to put the icing on the cake. Awarded “Best International Society” of 2012, Surrey University’s Nepalese Society and confirmed sponsors, So Asia, are holding their first ever S.

1st Mar 2013


    To us, Google Earth/Maps is an application which helps us find our way around a new town, search bus timetables or just take a look at an old neighbourhood we grew up in. However, to a man named Saroo, it was the key to finding his beloved mother.

20th May 2013


  There is a general standard of clichés when it comes to music journalism, that all writers are at one time or another guilty of using; describing an act as the “bastard love child of x and y”, or using the term “meteoric rise” when meteors tend to be best known for their falling. For example, I far too often use the word “seminal” in reviews, when I’m fairly sure that, if I heard such a word in real life, I’d assume you were the victim of some sort of thesaurus-related accident that left you sounding like a pretentious arsehole.

21st May 2013


Around the week of Margaret Thatcher’s death, there was much debate on her position regarding sport. There were some distasteful feelings left over when the Manchester clubs, United and City, chose not to observe a minutes silence in memory of the former Prime Minister.

27th Apr 2013


 In the midst of the US Presidential election on November 6th, dozens of state ballots were held up and down the United States. One of these was in Massachusetts, where the majority of citizens voted against a law allowing assisted-suicide.

22nd Nov 2012


Issue 22

The Stag – Issue 22


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