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4th Dec 2012


Considering the success of British events over the summer of 2012, the union and its societies faced a tough job at the beginning of the academic year; everyone’s expectations were high after national events such as the Olympics, and the high quality of last year’s events around campus. So how did we do? Fresher’s week started the year with a bang (no, literally) with Monday’s act Wiley causing a twitter row after he turned up late to a crowd of unimpressed students who had effectively paid £10 for him to prance around for 10 minutes on stage.

19th May 2013


  Looking for a different way to celebrate the end of term? Fancy something other than a standard night at Rubix? On the lookout for some high-quality music that won’t cost the majority of your loan? If the answer to one or more of these answers is yes, then rest assured, because the USSU arts societies have got it COVERED! The 16 However, if the rock, metal and ska scenes really aren’t for you, then the Surrey Gospel Choir will be hosting their showcase from the 20 And, as if that wasn’t enough, MaD Soc will be hosting their variety night on the 21 For more information, keep a look out for the society event planners currently dotted around campus, or e-mail the respective societies at: ussu.nowave, ussu.

29th Mar 2013


  Data acquired by the European Space Agency’s €600 million Planck surveyor satellite, launched in 2009, has provided the most detailed picture yet of the universe’s cosmic microwave background (CMB); revealing details about its birth and first instants.   Scientists now peg the age of the universe at 13.

22nd Apr 2013


  S&M – Rihanna As ridiculous and overtly sexual as this song is, I can’t help but absolutely love it as soon as it comes on in a club. Maybe it’s the over indulgence in alcohol, or Rihanna’s sassy, self confident swagger, but suddenly I’m overtaken by my dominatrix alter-ego, thinking I can grind it like the best of them (the reality likely looking slightly deranged).

21st May 2013


This year the University of Surrey Equestrian Club’s two BUCS teams have exceeded expectations, with the A Team ending their league on top.   The B Team’s last competition at Brunel University saw the four riders scrape back their previous losses to come second.

27th Apr 2013


We women have it pretty good in the western world of the 21 Christian Louboutin is well known to ridicule the concept of comfort, claiming it “is not part of [his] creative process”. Sure, some women can afford to wear impossible heels if she is driven to work and sits behind a desk all day.

6th Nov 2012


Issue 22

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