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Independent ‘Zero Tolerance’ candidate Kevin Hurley won the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner election by the slenderest of margins on the 15 The elections, which are the first of their kind in England and Wales, caused controversy due to the apparent lack of awareness or campaigning by either the Electoral Commission and the candidates themselves, and the politicisation of what many expect to be an independent public service. The candidates themselves had already clashed at the University’s hustings over the privatisation of police services and budget cuts, with Iles facing a personal grilling from Surrey graduate Rowan Cole over the validity of her manifesto.

4th Dec 2012


So, here we are, at the end of the academic year, the end of some readers’ degrees and the end of my time as features editor/fashion writer. It has made me rather pensive and I have been mulling over the fashion trends that shouldn’t end and ones that definitely should.

19th May 2013


  As I am sure anyone that has Facebook or a twitter account is aware, the nation has been up in arms in huge debate in the last few weeks, all over the death of previous Prime Minister ‘Maggie’ Thatcher. Now, we are all aware of the notorious claims against her as ‘milk stealer’ and of her anti-unionist actions that have been blamed for much of the problems the country faces today, but this week, the argument on everyone’s lips is not so much about punch-and-judy Tory/Labour politics.

21st May 2013


  A report published by the UK think tank, Chatham House, claims that the increasing use of biofuels will be more harmful to the environment than fossil fuels, and will cost motorists as much as £1.3bn a year by 2020.

22nd Apr 2013


  S&M – Rihanna As ridiculous and overtly sexual as this song is, I can’t help but absolutely love it as soon as it comes on in a club. Maybe it’s the over indulgence in alcohol, or Rihanna’s sassy, self confident swagger, but suddenly I’m overtaken by my dominatrix alter-ego, thinking I can grind it like the best of them (the reality likely looking slightly deranged).

21st May 2013


After Martin O’Neill was sacked from Sunderland, he was later replaced with Paulo Di Canio, the former Swindon manager. It seems Paulo Di Canio had been the firm choice by Sunderland owner and Chairman Ellis Short with him being the most likely candidate to invigorate the squad and get the team out of the relegation battle with his personality and charisma rather than his managerial experience.

27th Apr 2013


I am a first year Sociology student, and since beginning my course, when I tell people what I am studying, I usually receive one of the following responses: ‘What is Sociology?’, ‘Oh… That’s nice’ or a ‘hmm’ with a sympathetic smile and nod. I do not understand why people look down on Sociology as it is a credible degree for several reasons.

7th Feb 2013

Faith and Religious Societies

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Jewenile at Surrey

Published 31st Jan 2013

  Religion has always been, and will always be, a secret bond between those who belong somewhere as well as those who are searching for something to reach out to. I personally believe that Judaism is not only a religion, but a 5773 year old culture, which is now spread all around the world because of historical reasons.Read more...

It’s Never Too Late!

Published 22nd Nov 2012

  This year has got off to a flying start for societies, and their presence here on campus is ever growing! You may have spoken to the Christian Union over some yummy hot-chocolate and a biscuit on a night out, or been cared for by St. John LINKS when you’re a little worse for wear.Read more...

Interview with VP Societies, Em Bollon

Published 7th Sep 2012

  For Em Bollon, Friday 30 My role title is Vice-President of Societies and Individual Development in the Students’ Union, but it’s so much more than that! I oversee all 84 of our current societies and act as their point-of-contact to the Union. I assist with volunteering and training, as well as being part of a team that organises cultural events on campus!   A dream, actually! I was home around Christmas-time when I woke up from a nap and decided I should run in the elections.Read more...

University of Surrey Christian Union ´11

Published 23rd Sep 2011

The University of Surrey Christian Union is a society that exists for both its members and non-members. We are a group of students who love Jesus and want to make Him famous on campus.Read more...

Ahlul Bayt Society ´11

Published 23rd Sep 2011

The AhlulBayt society promotes the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his holy Household (AhlulBayt) along with inter-faith harmony and the spirit of brotherhood as taught by the Prophet (P.B.U.H).Read more...

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