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Newspaper of the students of the University of Surrey 

In the hope of changing the “I’ll get another chance” mindset, students will only be able to take exams in June as the reorganisation of A-Levels commences. In order to eliminate the “re-sit culture”, exam officials have started this transition by stopping students from retaking in January.

4th Dec 2012


Kanayo is from Croydon and is a second year Psychology student. Kanayo has her own blog where she uniquely fuses her knowledge of psychology with Christianity.

27th Apr 2013


  Over the last few months, we have become able to observe a dangerous pattern forming in the condemning of Turkey’s Government, not only of the press, but of individual citizens, for the crime of their free speech. Politically labelling itself as a ‘democratic’ constitutional republic, we perhaps do not expect the extreme repressions of free speech and freedom of press that have recently been reported, which evoke the question, is Turkey reaching a point of crisis? In what seems like an act of dark irony, six members of the PEN Turkey group have actually been charged with ‘insulting the state’ and were subsequently called in for questioning on the 10 The members of PEN Turkey are sentenced in accordance with Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, which perhaps, here, requires analysis.

1st Mar 2013


    To us, Google Earth/Maps is an application which helps us find our way around a new town, search bus timetables or just take a look at an old neighbourhood we grew up in. However, to a man named Saroo, it was the key to finding his beloved mother.

20th May 2013


  So I've wanted to write an article on this for a while, as it’s great to spread the word. For those who don't know, Guildford does in fact have a thriving and growing electronic dance music scene.

21st May 2013


The second leg of Dortmund against Malaga was one of the maddest football matches that will happen in any Champions League competition across the next ten years. With a 0-0 first leg at Malaga, anything could happen at the Walstadion in Dortmund and it was a footballing treat.

27th Apr 2013


A London based-scheme has sought to reintegrate the homeless community into society by providing them with an opportunity to develop their skills. St Mungo’s Charity has a variety of outreach programs, one of them being the Recovery College.

7th Feb 2013


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London 2012? Err…Surely You Mean Surrey 2012!

Published 1st May 2012

  With deadlines looming, and exams slowly but surely creeping their way in, it’s very easy to forget what the summer season is actually about. However! Help is at hand with the very first ‘Social Sports Month’, which will be kicking off this May with a variety of different events, not least of all ‘Society Sport’s Day’ which will see societies across campus going head to head in a series of events on the 16th of this month.Read more...

Archery at Surrey

Published 23rd Sep 2011

Do you fancy being the next Robin Hood? or just want to have fun and try something new? Either way, we welcome everyone!Read more...

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