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Newspaper of the students of the University of Surrey 

In reaction to figures revealing that the number of students leaving during their first year has dropped, Students’ Union President Dave Halls stressed the particular importance of supporting Freshers’ as they adjust to life at Surrey. He stressed how the Union recognises that coming to university will be the first time that many students have lived away from home, and the pressures of studying at a higher academic level may cause students to leave early.

4th Dec 2012


Considering the success of British events over the summer of 2012, the union and its societies faced a tough job at the beginning of the academic year; everyone’s expectations were high after national events such as the Olympics, and the high quality of last year’s events around campus. So how did we do? Fresher’s week started the year with a bang (no, literally) with Monday’s act Wiley causing a twitter row after he turned up late to a crowd of unimpressed students who had effectively paid £10 for him to prance around for 10 minutes on stage.

19th May 2013


  As I am sure anyone that has Facebook or a twitter account is aware, the nation has been up in arms in huge debate in the last few weeks, all over the death of previous Prime Minister ‘Maggie’ Thatcher. Now, we are all aware of the notorious claims against her as ‘milk stealer’ and of her anti-unionist actions that have been blamed for much of the problems the country faces today, but this week, the argument on everyone’s lips is not so much about punch-and-judy Tory/Labour politics.

21st May 2013


      1      NASA signs off ambitious sampling mission NASA has agreed its approval on a billion dollar mission to send a spacecraft to orbit; the asteroid 101955 Bennu – one of the most potentially dangerous asteroids to hit earth in the next century. The plan is to map the asteroid with visible, infrared and X-Rays and send a sample collector to obtain samples of the rock.

20th May 2013


  It would seem amiss of me to begin this issue’s review without touching upon the unusual chain of events which preceded it. On his 66 Previous readers may have noticed that I often have two conflicting states of mind in respect of the attempts by long-established rock musicians to recapture the sound of their early career.

21st May 2013


It may seem likes years ago now but Varsity was on the last Wednesday before we broke up; the University broke up that is. I like to imagine our relationship is still going strong dear reader.

27th Apr 2013


Over a year ago Denmark introduced what I believe was one of the greatest tax inflations ever; a tax to food with added saturated fat. This was the best incentive to increase health, reduce obesity, and to save money.

22nd Nov 2012


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London 2012? Err…Surely You Mean Surrey 2012!

Published 1st May 2012

  With deadlines looming, and exams slowly but surely creeping their way in, it’s very easy to forget what the summer season is actually about. However! Help is at hand with the very first ‘Social Sports Month’, which will be kicking off this May with a variety of different events, not least of all ‘Society Sport’s Day’ which will see societies across campus going head to head in a series of events on the 16th of this month.Read more...

It’s just not cricket

Published 21st Nov 2011

Last week, at the end of a landmark trial for both cricket and sport in general, Pakistan cricketers Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were sentenced in relation to claims of match-fixing at the Lord’s Test against England last August. The trial centred on the claims that bowlers Asif and Amir were ordered by captain Butt to bowl three deliberate “no-balls” in order to obtain corrupt payments.Read more...

Cricket at Surrey ´11

Published 23rd Sep 2011

The University of Surrey Cricket Club welcomes anyone with an interest in playing cricket and having a good time whilst doing so.Read more...

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