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Newspaper of the students of the University of Surrey 

In the hope of changing the “I’ll get another chance” mindset, students will only be able to take exams in June as the reorganisation of A-Levels commences. In order to eliminate the “re-sit culture”, exam officials have started this transition by stopping students from retaking in January.

4th Dec 2012


WHAT TO WEAR DO book your robes in advance! Last year there were some very relaxed graduands strolling into AP to collect robes they hadn’t ordered, and then looking far less relaxed when they realised how essential pre-booking was! DON’T wear anything under your robes that is too ‘on trend’ or that you don’t feel comfortable in. You want to feel mega-confident on the day and will potentially have your graduation pictures forever.

19th May 2013


  Looking for a different way to celebrate the end of term? Fancy something other than a standard night at Rubix? On the lookout for some high-quality music that won’t cost the majority of your loan? If the answer to one or more of these answers is yes, then rest assured, because the USSU arts societies have got it COVERED! The 16 However, if the rock, metal and ska scenes really aren’t for you, then the Surrey Gospel Choir will be hosting their showcase from the 20 And, as if that wasn’t enough, MaD Soc will be hosting their variety night on the 21 For more information, keep a look out for the society event planners currently dotted around campus, or e-mail the respective societies at: ussu.nowave, ussu.

29th Mar 2013


  Data acquired by the European Space Agency’s €600 million Planck surveyor satellite, launched in 2009, has provided the most detailed picture yet of the universe’s cosmic microwave background (CMB); revealing details about its birth and first instants.   Scientists now peg the age of the universe at 13.

22nd Apr 2013


  When people talk about prog-rock, you immediately think of the 70s, men with long hair, and lengthy, sprawling songs with unsubtle but undeniably good musicianship. Besides rubbing it in your face with instrumental solos that go on for eternity, bands like Rush, Yes and, more recently, Dream Theater and Tool have laid foundations for the ceaseless evolutions and innovations of metal.

21st May 2013


The second leg of Dortmund against Malaga was one of the maddest football matches that will happen in any Champions League competition across the next ten years. With a 0-0 first leg at Malaga, anything could happen at the Walstadion in Dortmund and it was a footballing treat.

27th Apr 2013


I am a first year Sociology student, and since beginning my course, when I tell people what I am studying, I usually receive one of the following responses: ‘What is Sociology?’, ‘Oh… That’s nice’ or a ‘hmm’ with a sympathetic smile and nod. I do not understand why people look down on Sociology as it is a credible degree for several reasons.

7th Feb 2013


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London 2012? Err…Surely You Mean Surrey 2012!

Published 1st May 2012

  With deadlines looming, and exams slowly but surely creeping their way in, it’s very easy to forget what the summer season is actually about. However! Help is at hand with the very first ‘Social Sports Month’, which will be kicking off this May with a variety of different events, not least of all ‘Society Sport’s Day’ which will see societies across campus going head to head in a series of events on the 16th of this month.Read more...

It’s just not cricket

Published 21st Nov 2011

Last week, at the end of a landmark trial for both cricket and sport in general, Pakistan cricketers Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were sentenced in relation to claims of match-fixing at the Lord’s Test against England last August. The trial centred on the claims that bowlers Asif and Amir were ordered by captain Butt to bowl three deliberate “no-balls” in order to obtain corrupt payments.Read more...

Cricket at Surrey ´11

Published 23rd Sep 2011

The University of Surrey Cricket Club welcomes anyone with an interest in playing cricket and having a good time whilst doing so.Read more...

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