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Newspaper of the students of the University of Surrey 

The National Union of Students (NUS) held a demonstration through central London on Wednesday 21st November.  Students met at 11am at Temple, marching along Embankment and past the Houses of Parliament, with the rally taking place from 2pm – 3pm at Kennington Park.

4th Dec 2012


April is one of the most highly anticipated months of the year for students; not only do we get a month off to enjoy home comforts such as baths and free heating, but we receive the second instalment of our student loan. Christmas has long since drained the last of our money, and we’ve spent the last couple of weeks before the holidays scrounging baked bean cans and stale crackers from the back of our cupboards.

27th Apr 2013


  An Ofsted report has informed schools that controversial issues such as pornography need to have more focus in sex education lessons. An article in The Telegraph details how the report, published on Wednesday, states that classes on sex ed.

21st May 2013


  Now, our section isn’t all about the latest in science and technology news – it’s also about us authors and our writing. Each article is unique to its author’s style and perspective (as long as it’s not a product of churnalism…).

22nd Apr 2013


  When it comes to sexy songs, there can only be one. That song is ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye.

21st May 2013


In the last two weeks we have seen two extremely notable outbursts in the Premier League by managers of perennial top four sides. Before Arsenal’s game with Bayern Munich, Arsene Wenger lost it with two separate journalists for asking perfectly legitimate questions.

4th Mar 2013


Over a year ago Denmark introduced what I believe was one of the greatest tax inflations ever; a tax to food with added saturated fat. This was the best incentive to increase health, reduce obesity, and to save money.

22nd Nov 2012


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London 2012? Err…Surely You Mean Surrey 2012!

Published 1st May 2012

  With deadlines looming, and exams slowly but surely creeping their way in, it’s very easy to forget what the summer season is actually about. However! Help is at hand with the very first ‘Social Sports Month’, which will be kicking off this May with a variety of different events, not least of all ‘Society Sport’s Day’ which will see societies across campus going head to head in a series of events on the 16th of this month.Read more...

Surrey thump Medway to progress in cup

Published 21st Nov 2011

After losing their first three league games, the University of Surrey’s 1ST XI hockey team finally found the winning formula this week. League duties were swept aside as Surrey proved they were up for the cup with a 4-0 victory against Universities at Medway at the Surrey Sports Park.Read more...

Ice Hockey at Surrey

Published 27th Oct 2011

In less than a month, the Surrey Sharks have developed from a personal desire into the 40th sports club at the University of Surrey. Picking up fifty supporters along the way!Read more...

Hockey at Surrey ´11

Published 23rd Sep 2011

You’ve got into Surrey – a big well done! Now join hockey to start having some fun!Read more...

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