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Newspaper of the students of the University of Surrey 

In reaction to figures revealing that the number of students leaving during their first year has dropped, Students’ Union President Dave Halls stressed the particular importance of supporting Freshers’ as they adjust to life at Surrey. He stressed how the Union recognises that coming to university will be the first time that many students have lived away from home, and the pressures of studying at a higher academic level may cause students to leave early.

4th Dec 2012


Congratulations! The first year is coming to the end and you have realised the meaning of independent life and shared living. Now that you have to leave halls and get a home, either alone or with your friends, there are some essentials that you need to bear in mind in order to have the best living experience.

19th May 2013


  On Wednesday 13th February, Roots Bar was the place to be for CoppaFeel!'s Valentine's pre-drinks! With 'slippery nipple' shots and the chance to 'pink your drink', Roots Bar staff stepped up to the boobie challenge, and so did the guests! Flirty fun included hula hooping and remote-control car racing, as well as team games and chocolate finger licking (cheeky!). For those not involved there were some tasty cupcakes in exchange for donations for CoppaFeel!.

1st Mar 2013


  A report published by the UK think tank, Chatham House, claims that the increasing use of biofuels will be more harmful to the environment than fossil fuels, and will cost motorists as much as £1.3bn a year by 2020.

22nd Apr 2013


  Subsonic (adjective): relating to, or flying at, a speed or speeds less than that of sound. Subsonic Winter, a progressive new age artist, is the University of Surrey’s Alex Harden, a final year CMT student who identifies the influences of  Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Schiller, Mike Oldfield and Enigma to create Post Berlin-School Ambient Electronica.

21st May 2013


After Martin O’Neill was sacked from Sunderland, he was later replaced with Paulo Di Canio, the former Swindon manager. It seems Paulo Di Canio had been the firm choice by Sunderland owner and Chairman Ellis Short with him being the most likely candidate to invigorate the squad and get the team out of the relegation battle with his personality and charisma rather than his managerial experience.

27th Apr 2013


It seems like every time we open a magazine, turn on the TV, even walk past a billboard, we are faced with that girl. You know, the skinny girl, with a tiny waist, washboard abs, and super-slim thighs.

22nd Nov 2012

Other Sports

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Lavishing Ladies Row for Surrey Glory

Published 14th May 2013

Fresh from the social thrill of the Rowing Club team photo – where Men’s Captain, Nathan O’Reilly found himself surrounded by almost as many females as he wakes up next to on a Saturday morning – the Women’s Squad sought to make their mark at the Women’s Eights Head of the River Race. The team, consisting of the elegant Georgia Smith, the earnest Alice Campbell, the glamorous Stephanie Egre, the determined Hannah Williams, the radiant Abi Munson, the resolute Rebecca Hammond, the charismatic Ella Flemming and the butch Guinevere Wentworth, coxed by the one-and-only Ana Yong, gathered amongst nearly 3,000 other competitors from across the globe at Richmond in wait for their turn to prove their strength and willingness to achieve in their sport.Read more...

Jumping Into The Lead

Published 27th Apr 2013

This year the University of Surrey Equestrian Club’s two BUCS teams have exceeded expectations, with the A Team ending their league on top.   The B Team’s last competition at Brunel University saw the four riders scrape back their previous losses to come second.Read more...

A Geek Goes Varsity

Published 27th Apr 2013

It may seem likes years ago now but Varsity was on the last Wednesday before we broke up; the University broke up that is. I like to imagine our relationship is still going strong dear reader.Read more...

Athletics Takes One Step Back

Published 4th Mar 2013

After the great 2012 summer Olympics in London you would think that the government, and relevant sporting bodies involved, would look to make the most out of the sports suspect to growth in British sport. Athletics in particular could have looked to make the most of its facilities.Read more...

Team Surrey Netball

Published 18th Feb 2013

Netball has had a fantastic season so far this year. Wednesday 13th Feb just proved how hard the teams have been working; securing four wins also resulted in capturing the top of all four BUCS leagues.Read more...

2013: The Year of the Fallen Sports

Published 18th Feb 2013

At the end of last week news broke that shook South Africa, an immensely proud and successful sporting nation, to their bones. Olympic and Paralympic superstar Oscar Pistorius is in the process of being charged with murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.Read more...

Team Surrey Trampolining

Published 21st Nov 2012

The members of Team Surrey Trampolining Club have had lots of success at recent university and external national & international level competitions; there was a competition every weekend for 4 weeks in a row for our members!   It started on Saturday 27   In the individual senior Ladies event, Amy Todd came 13th place.   In the individual senior men’s event, Ross Abrahams came 7thth out of 12 regions of England.Read more...

Surrey Stingers 0-39 Reading Knights

Published 21st Nov 2012

  Full of fresh faces and buoyed by enthusiastic (if slightly clueless) support, Surrey Stingers took on the Reading Knights in their first game of the Thames Valley Conference season. Recruitment and pre-season training have both been a success for the Stingers, and although many of the new members are rookies, the team has kept a large number of players from last season; all of who will provide vital experience in the season to come.Read more...

Sport is the answer we’ve been waiting for.

Published 21st Nov 2012

  A couple of years ago, if someone asked me if I played sport I would have looked at them as if they had said something dirty. Sport was just not something I ‘did’, and I was probably the biggest cynic out of my friends and family when it was announced that London would host the 2012 Olympics.Read more...

Sports Exec

Published 20th Oct 2012

Earth calling sports fans, this is your new Sports Exec Communications Officer calling. I’ll be writing to you each issue to let you know what is ‘haps’ (that’s what the kids say nowadays right?) in University sporting life from now on.Read more...

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