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Other Sports

Trampolining Club have a Spring in their Step

Published 4th Mar 2012

On a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon, the trampolining team set off to represent Surrey University at BUCS in Southampton.  

We arrived at the sports hall for a routine warm up, where I was confronted with the daunting knowledge that there were ninety-nine girls signed up to compete in my category. Girls crowded over the two trampolines on our platform, waiting in anticipation for their turn. Others watched them carefully, picking apart their routines and highlighting any weaknesses in comparison to their own ability. As intimidating as this might seem, support and encouragement is always present from other team mates.

The next morning, it was an early start. Some of us had a good breakfast before we left our hotel rooms, but some of us didn’t. I was among the group that went hungry. Not knowing the times for our individual “flight” and butterflies in my stomach meant eating was the last thing on my mind.

We arrived at Southampton University’s sports hall and created a “camp” in the corner of the busy room. The crowds made it clear that we were there to perform and to be judged against others.  The competition was on.

The category I was competing in was split into 8 “flights”, starting from 9am lasting until 4pm. It was a long wait. Our team was spread out to perform at different levels of difficulty, starting from seat landing, progressing to back summersaults. We were all competing at different times and on separate platforms, which allowed us to move around the hall to support and be a spotter for each other. However, despite the fact that a complete routine lasts twenty-five seconds, everyone was nervous.

Regardless of the nerves and the early start, everyone performed amazingly well. Individually, the whole team achieved their goals, especially the girls competing in BUCS 5. They placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the competition. We were all proud of one male teammate, who achieved 3rd place and qualified for Nationals.

Overall it was a fun and successful trip. At the moment our team is training for more advanced routines for the upcoming competition in Essex.  



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