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Bethany Dawson: It’s Time to Notice Invisible Disabilities

“You probably wouldn’t realise upon meeting Bethany that she has a disability.” Bethany McAtee hears Dawson’s struggle, living with an invisible illness.

Stop feeding us Mental Health

Mental Health. Social media portrays mental health conditions as desirable: something that’s cool to have. by Sophie Pike

Texas Through the Eyes of a Brit: the Good, the Bad and the Straight Up Weird!

Beth Roberts explores the huge cultural differences between Surrey and Texas during her year studying abroad.

Why a Film’s Age Rating Matters: Censoring Explicit Content for Money

Dami Williams-Shire looks into how films are made, exploring the danger Studios and financers pose towards the creative direction of the film.

The Bandit

A Poem by Ellie Turner

Qatar 2022: The human right catastrophe making the football festival a farce

The next instalment of the greatest football tournament on earth is eagerly anticipated by millions. However, the ugly face of corruption in football is rearing its head once more. by Harry Hogg

From Paganism to Commercialisation: The Evolution of Christmas

We all look forward to gathering around the Christmas tree, sharing gifts and company but how many of us celebrate Christmas for what it traditionally meant. by Sophie Pike

A Quirky Student Gift-Giving Guide

Will Wilkins has scoured the internet to find the best (under £20) presents to give to your family, housemates, or that special someone.

Sustainability this Christmas

Surrey Pride 2019: Celebrate, Educate & Connect

I am excited to announce that Surrey is getting its first Pride event! ‘Pride in Surrey’ will take place on Sat, 10th August in Woking. by Michal Frackowiak

Twelve Drinks of Christmas

As the evenings get darker, it’s time to step into the kitchen and warm your insides with some festive cocktails and mocktails. by Sophie Williams

What’s happening in Yemen, and why aren’t we hearing about it?

Isabel Rolfe explores the ongoing war in Yeman, where our countries are directly supplying arms affecting millions of people. Where are the news stories and why are they not being given the attention they deserve?

“Asking for help should not be taboo”

2018 is the year that saw revolutionary change. Women have been fiercely stepping forward and fighting to get their voices heard. Yet one is left to wonder: what does this mean for men? by Viktoria Rangelova

Mental Health in Music

Over the past few years, the music industry has felt immense loss and heartbreak. Yasmin Norvill explores how mental health has affected both celebrity and fan alike.

Giving vision to robots with Pedro Proença

Mafalda Farelo interviews Pedro Proença regarding his PhD project – looking at the difficulties and successes he’s experienced throughout his research.

The relationship between books and trigger warnings

As movember continues alongside Stag Media’s mental health awareness push, Helia Daryani looks into the effects media and literature can have on mental health and the need for trigger warnings.

How Well Do Our Troops Cope After Being Dumped on ‘Civvy Street’?

Lisa Cosham takes a deeper look into the stark consequences of war, today on remembrance sunday we consider the many fatal sacrifices – but ‘lest we forget’ the living.

She may come from a ‘life of privilege’, but Southampton SU President Emily Dawes is allowed to have an opinion

Hannah Mickleburgh explores the recent media controversy surrounding Southampton SU’s president Emily Dawes’ tweets but does she deserve the backlash?

Heathers: The Musical – a Timeless and Faithful Adaptation

How well does the story of a toxic, homicidal high-school relationship translate to the stage? Georgia Read delves into this adaptation of a classic film.

Why Rock Bottom is far enough.

“My mental illness had to be physically threatening to be taken seriously.” Continuing with Stag Media’s drive for mental health awareness, Ellie Davies tells her story.