The Right to Write: Who Gets to Write Diversity?

Helia Daryani looks at who should write stories championing diversity, is it right if the author isn’t representative of their focus minority?

Do Women Want to Hear Women?

Amy Johnson delves into the US country music scene, particularly exploring the success of female country artists and the UK’s influence on their popularity.

Our Hunger for Political Music is Reaching a Crescendo

Charlotte West delves into current trends in current and popular music, exploring how they’re influenced by political climates around the world.

Inside the Coffee Tent: Meet Charlie

Yasmin Norvill sits down with musician and barista ‘Life Like Charlie’ in the PATS coffee tent to discuss his music and ambitions for the future.

Is ‘Sex Education’ Worth the Hype?

The netflix series has been renewed for a second season. Izzy Rolfe takes a look at the show and why it’s so popular.

Is the Romance Genre Ruining Real Relationships?

Sophie Pike offers a perspective on how real long term relationships are threatened by the portrayal of romance in film, tv and novels.

Harrow Woods Resort

“I was woken up by the rattling of the car. The clanking of pipes in its underbelly sounded like gunfire in my nightmare…” by Annabella Costantino

Someone Else’s Chair

In a parking lot on the outskirts of Montgomery, every Wednesday the local church held a Flea Market. A Short story by Sam Murphy

Texas Through the Eyes of a Brit: the Good, the Bad and the Straight Up Weird!

Beth Roberts explores the huge cultural differences between Surrey and Texas during her year studying abroad.

Why a Film’s Age Rating Matters: Censoring Explicit Content for Money

Dami Williams-Shire looks into how films are made, exploring the danger Studios and financers pose towards the creative direction of the film.

The Bandit

A Poem by Ellie Turner

Twelve Drinks of Christmas

As the evenings get darker, it’s time to step into the kitchen and warm your insides with some festive cocktails and mocktails. by Sophie Williams

Mental Health in Music

Over the past few years, the music industry has felt immense loss and heartbreak. Yasmin Norvill explores how mental health has affected both celebrity and fan alike.

The relationship between books and trigger warnings

As movember continues alongside Stag Media’s mental health awareness push, Helia Daryani looks into the effects media and literature can have on mental health and the need for trigger warnings.

Heathers: The Musical – a Timeless and Faithful Adaptation

How well does the story of a toxic, homicidal high-school relationship translate to the stage? Georgia Read delves into this adaptation of a classic film.

3 Books that Explore Mental Heath

This November, Stag Media are advocating Mental Health awareness and support. Amy Newham kicks this off with three books that cleverly and honestly explore mental health.

The Strictly Curse: to what extent are celebrities entitled to a private life when their actions are public?

With recent developments in one of TV’s biggest celebrity dance competitions, Isabel Rolfe investigates the so called ‘Strictly Curse’

Golden Tour: Kylie Minogue back on the run

Has Kylie still got it? Michal Frackowiak reviews her latest tour… Spoiler alert: She does!

Poetry is more than just Shakespeare: it’s art without boundaries

How would you approach writing a flawless poem? For National Poetry Day Helia Daryani looks at her own experiences writing poetry and how it’s developed through her education.

How to Support Your Favourite Authors

FRESHERS SPECIAL: Helia Daryani explains some of the best ways to help your favourite authors benefit from your readership.

How ‘Insatiable’ is Netflix’s most problematic show?

Lisa Cosham explore’s the controversy surrounding Netflix’s ‘least feminist show’, but is the debate justified?

Top 5 Local Eats in Guildford

Susana Guri provides a student-loan friendly guide on where to find the best restaurants in Guildford!

Sweet and Surprising Summer Food Combos

With fresher’s week’s prospects of heavy drinking and snacking on the horizon, Clarisse Fullerton looks into some light and delicious summer foods.


by Kieran Adamson


by James Tatam

Festival Fashion

Alice Kimber takes you through some top fashion tips to help you through the rest of the festival season!

Diamonds for the Damned

An Excerpt from Emily Byfield-Riches’ new short novel ‘Diamonds for the Damned’ – Available to read free online now

This title is almost as long as the titles of ‘Panic! at the Disco’s’ early songs

One of modern rock’s most iconic bands has undergone countless line-up changes over the years, but how far has their musical style changed?

by Emily Wooten

My Favourite Things: #1 Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup

Recently, there has been a huge growth of veganism which is impossible to ignore, with this growth has been an increase of interest in cruelty free, sustainable food products. Additionally there has been recent research on the negative impacts of sugar on our bodies. However, despite the well publicised health and environmental benefits of this kind of diet, do we really have to sacrifice taste?

Should we eat like cavemen? – The lowdown on the Paleo Diet

‘The Paleo Diet’, or the Paleolithic Diet, was based on the paleolithics. To you or me, this means eating what a caveman would eat. This diet is widely recognised by its primary focus of meat, vegetables and fats as opposed to carbohydrates. However, this idea is much confused with the better known ‘Atkins Diet.’ In this article I will attempt to explain the differences between the two.