A Welcome to the University of Surrey Karting Club

University of Surrey Karting President, Manuel Nunes, introduces us to his society – one of the most unique clubs that the uni has on offer.

Talking COVID with Surrey Sports: An Interview with Surf Club

In her new series, Clarisse Fullerton chats to the President of Surf Club about how they’ve adapted to the pandemic this semester

AS I SEE IT – The Absence of Exercise: Were the Government Right to Close Gyms?

Maisie Holcombe argues that the health benefits of keeping gyms open during lockdown largely outweigh the risks of catching the coronavirus.

As I See It – Are Gymshark to Blame for Their Own Backlash to Body Positivity?

Isabel Rolfe looks back at the the controversy following Gymshark’s Instagram post of Nelly London in their activewear and discusses how much the brand are too blame for the negative response

Overcoming Gym Intimidation and How to Begin Your Lifting Journey at Surrey University

Jolena Scholz explores the feeling of intimidation at the gym, felt particularly by women, and provides advice on how to combat this at Surrey

Fitness on Instagram: How I Use Social Media to Hold Myself Accountable

Jolena Scholz explains how and why she started using Instagram to track her fitness goals.

The Rise of YouTube Workouts: Are They Tackling Diet Culture?

Emma Brine explores the nuances behind the rise in YouTube workouts during lockdown, questioning whether it is simply another avenue promoting diet culture.

The Mistreatment of Transgender Athletes in Sport

Clarisse Fullerton explores the ways in which transgender athletes have been treated in America and reveals what Surrey is doing to combat the issue closer to home.

Netflix’s ‘The Last Dance’: How Ego Championed the Chicago Bulls’ Success

Following the release of ‘The Last Dance’, Clarisse Fullerton delves into the story of the Chicago Bulls basketball team and the drive behind their success.

Surrey Men’s Rugby Demoted from a ‘Club’ to a ‘Sport’ Over Group Misconduct

With recent press coverage of Rugby’s shocking ‘initiations’, Clarisse Fullerton investigates what happened and what action the Students’ Union has taken.

Is Royal Holloway holding Surrey’s Varsity back?

Michael Slavin considers Surrey’s varsity opponent, Royal Holloway and their impact on the annual event.

Qatar 2022: The human right catastrophe making the football festival a farce

The next instalment of the greatest football tournament on earth is eagerly anticipated by millions. However, the ugly face of corruption in football is rearing its head once more. by Harry Hogg

6 losses in a row, “tis’ but a scratch”

Ben Ward breaks down the changes to England’s rugby team, and explores their chances in 2019’s world cup.

Tailenders: Saving Cricket from Defeat at the Hands of Boredom

Sports editor Archie Biltcliffe delves into the success of a new podcast taking cricket by storm!

Why Manchester United’s long awaited women’s team will give rise to a golden pride of Lionesses

Archie Biltcliffe looks at new women’s teams, and how they will impact the future of England’s football.

Join the Surrey Stingers!

Looking to join a successful sports team whilst at university? Then look no further than the University of Surrey’s resident American Football team, the Surrey Stingers.

IM3 Fitness: A Guide to Engineering Your Body

Ime Bassey is a mechanical engineering student at the University of Surrey. When he isn’t pulling all nighters and struggling with word counts like the rest of us, he has built himself into a fitness role-model, competing in competitions, offering meal and training plans as