A Welcome to University of Surrey Voices

Scarlett Furness introduces Surrey Voices, a society where contemporary music lovers can meet and learn to sing iconic tracks and original songs.

A Welcome to MADSoc

Caleb Berney introduces MAD Soc, where lovers of music and drama can get together and have “a space to relax and express my creativity”, without the need for previous experience.

A Welcome to Japanese Society

Sophie Chen, Vice-President of Japanese Society, tells us about the activities on offer at her society; including language sessions and cooking events.

A Welcome to the University of Surrey Canoe Club

Harry Warman, The University of Surrey Canoe Club Secretary, introduces the society which is a great community of people that not only do kayaking events together but a whole range of activities.

A Welcome to Surrey Rubik’s Cube Society

Technical advisor Jamaal Burah gives us a history of Surrey Cube Society. Established in 2021, this is a social and thriving society based around Rubik’s cubes.

A Welcome to the University of Surrey Karting Club

University of Surrey Karting President, Manuel Nunes, introduces us to his society – one of the most unique clubs that the uni has on offer.

A Welcome to Surrey VetSoc

Lizzy Raine, President of Surrey VetSoc, tells us about the different activities on offer to all students in her society, including Vet Sports, Vet Choir, pub quizzes and an annual Ball.

A Welcome to Yoga Society

Samantha Buss introduces Yoga society, highlighting the benefits of this activity towards improving wellbeing and mindfullness, and the affordability of the membership.

A Welcome to Surrey Fireballs Dodgeball

Emily Leddy introduces Surrey Dodgeball and its variety of events. The committee prioritises wellbeing and enjoyment, designing activities that cater to everyone.

A Welcome to Team Surrey Volleyball

Rachael Crawford introduces Team Surrey Volleyball, an inclusive community passionate about volleyball and its benefits, such as improving mental health through staying active and allowing everyone, regardless of age or skill level, to enjoy themselves all year round.

A Welcome to Disney Society

Robyn Quick, Vice-President of Disney Soc, explains how to get involved and what to expect, from karaoke nights to film screenings.

A Welcome to Gymnastics Society

Lucy Hudson invites you to join Gymnastics Society – no experience necessary! – detailing the various stretches you can learn.

A Welcome to MechSoc

President Sophie Aldous invites you to join the award-winning MechSoc, the departmental society for MES students and anyone else keen!

How to Maintain a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle at University

Cherith Robinson, Vice President of NutriSoc provides ideas and advice for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle at university.

A Welcome To Italian Society

Alessia Trabucco, President of Surrey’s Italian Society, invites you to join them in celebrating all things Italian!

A Welcome from KISS

Tanya Chitekeshe invites you to join KISS, Surrey’s Korean International Student Society, where you can explore Korean culture and media!

A Welcome to SAMSoc

Catherine Hynes welcomes you to Surrey’s Anime and Manga Society with a run down of all the different activities you can be a part of!

How I Finally Learnt to Ski: A Welcome to SuSnow

Gabriella Culham explains her journey to SuSnow, Surrey’s Snow Sports society, where you can learn to ski, snowboard and much more!

A Welcome to Video Game Society

SVGS, Surrey’s Video Game society, invites you to join other keen gamers, compete against other universities and attend socials.

A Welcome to StagTV

The first article in our Refreshers’ Society initiative, Tiffany Parsons invites you to join StagTV, award-winning and great fun!