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Baking an Essay Cake To Turn Your Grades Around

Laura Wilson explains the most effective way to build the perfect academic essay – think of it like baking a cake!

Spider-Man: No Way Home, A Review and a Chat with a Fellow Fan

Robyn Quick reviews Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as snippets from a chat with fellow fan, Nisha Kang.

Hope In Depression

Lily Owens explains the courses available at Hope in Depression, a mental health charity designed to offer free support and guidance.

‘In The Heights’: One Film, Many Messages

Ivy Ivanova discusses the important messages and themes of last summer’s ‘In The Heights’, the film adaptation of the smash Broadway musical.

Marvel’s Eternals: A Review

Rosie Willoughby reviews Marvel Studios’ latest release, Eternals (2021), discussing its triumphs, nuances, and failures.

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Robyn Quick reports on the University’s vigil in remembrance of lives lost to transphobic violence, held on campus on 17th November.

Meek: Surrey Business School’s Hand in the New Platform for Start-ups

Students of Surrey Business School report on their contribution to the development of upcoming startup platform, Meek.

Expanding The Happiest Place On Earth

Rosie Willoughby discusses the renovations taking places across Disney parks as Imagineers aim to create a more diverse experience.

Centre Staged: Maud

Lisa J Cosham spoke to Norwegian musician and producer Maud about her work and what must change to bring more women to the industry.

COP26: Everything You Need To Know

Ellen Parry reports on this year’s global climate change event COP26, outlining the projects taking place and who will be in attendance.

Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres: A Review

Rosie Willoughby reviews Coldplay’s latest album ‘Music Of The Spheres’, considering its place among the band’s previous work.

Offensive Posters Comparing Black History Month Events to Segregation Placed Around University of Surrey Campus

Peter Ferguson reports on the offensive and right-wing adjacent posters seen across the University of Surrey Stag Hill Campus.

Pride and Prejudice, And A Pandemic

Rosie Willoughby reflects on Jane Austen’s timeless classic and explains what makes its readers always return for more.

‘Blackfishing’: Why Jesy Nelson Has Caused A Stir

Karim Acolina discusses the controversy surrounding Jesy Nelson’s new music video and explains why ‘blackfishing’ is problematic.

Sarah Everard: A Woman’s Reflections

Today Wayne Couzens was sentenced to a life in prison over the murder of Sarah Everard. Betsy Goodfellow shares her thoughts.

My Queer Book Club: Recommendations That Make Me Feel Seen

Rachel Quick recommends three pieces in the media that, in her opinion, raise the voices of the LGBT+ community.

The Escape We All Need Right Now: BASTILLE’S New Single

Maisie Holcombe reviews Bastille’s 2021 single ‘Distorted Light Beam’, considering the importance of uplifting music in a challenging time.

Why ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ Is A Lie: A Compassionate Lens on Student Wellbeing

Anton Barnwell highlights the prevalence of poor mental wellbeing in students, and explores the options that are there to ease the pressure.

Don’t Be An Idiot, Avoid Bitcoin

Joel Parr examines the common misconceptions surrounding the money-making system Bitcoin, and the risks that come with using it.

How James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad Has Reinvigorated The Comic Book Movie

Kieran Loughlin reviews James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021), considering its place and distinction within the superhero film genre.

Mental Health Awareness: A Reminder Of The Support Available To You

Luka Dehnbostel marks Suicide Prevention Day with a reminder of the mental health support available at the University of Surrey.

The Phantom Of The Opera, and A Review of The Theatre Post Pandemic

Betsy Goodfellow reviews the timeless Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, The Phantom of the Opera, and her first theatre experience post-pandemic.

Passing the Gauntlet: Black Widow and the Future of the MCU

Rosie Willoughby reviews Marvel Studios’ Black Widow (2021) and discusses the value of female-led superhero films.

AS I SEE IT – Gwyneth Paltrow’s BreadGate: Why Women Don’t Need Another Excuse To Punish Their Bodies

Hannah Gravett criticises The Guardian’s response to Gwyneth Paltrow’s panic over consuming carbs.

Surrey Decides: Question Time Night Three Roundup

Maisie Holcombe and Isobel Kavanagh provide a roundup of the final Question Time covering the Voice Zone and the Presidential debate.

Surrey Decides: Question Time Night Two Roundup

Rachel Quick provides a roundup of Monday’s Question Time covering all areas of the Activity Zone

Surrey Decides: Question Time Night One Roundup

Betsy Goodfellow and Charlotte West provide a roundup of Sunday’s Question Time covering the Community and Support Zone

HIV/AIDS Stigma in 21st Century Britain

Harry Moreby looks at the historical stigma against people with HIV and AIDS in light of Channel 4’s new hit drama ‘It’s a Sin’

AS I SEE IT – The Kardashian Paradox: THAT Khloe Photo that Broke the Internet

Hannah Gravett looks at the recent Khloe Kardashian scandal, arguing that by defending the exposure of her natural photos she is further perpetuating the damaging desire for perfection in young women.

REVIEW: WandaVision – Why I’m Excited To See More of Wanda Maximoff

Rosie Willoughby reviews Marvel’s first tv series on Disney+, WandaVision, discussing the way the show handles grief and its presentation of female characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

After Atlanta, Confronting Anti-Asian Racism Is Long Overdue

In response to the anti-Asian mass shooting in Atlanta, Russell Sherrard-Smith explores the racism against Asian people and the prejudices we continue to believe.

AS I SEE IT – Is TALA’s Collaboration with ASOS Undermining their Sustainability Efforts?

Following the announcement of TALA’s collaboration with ASOS, Yasmin Norvill examines whether this partnership has undermined TALA’s sustainability efforts.

AS I SEE IT – It’s Okay to Be Anxious About the Easing of COVID Restrictions

Maisie Holcombe explains why she believes the easing of restrictions will be difficult for some people.

Sarah Everard – British Women and their Collective Grief for a Life that Could Have Been our Own

Reflecting on the disappearance of Sarah Everard, Hannah Gravett examines what it means to be a woman in Britain today, highlighting the painful experience of communal grief and the heartbreaking statistics of which we have become numb to.

Sustainable Space Travel: Is it Possible?

Neelam Bhohi investigates whether our attempts to explore space are negatively impacting the environment and questions the future possibilities of sustainable space travel.

Top 5 Audiobooks for the Insomniac

Hannah Gravett lists her top audiobooks to help you sleep, from childhood favourites to a political biography

Find Your Fire, Just Don’t Get Burned Out On The Way

Gigi Bushell describes her recent experience of burnout and offers her tips for dealing with it in the future.

AS I SEE IT – LGBTQ+ Rights in a Post-Brexit Britain

Harry Moreby analyses the risk to LGBTQ+ rights from Brexit in light of the anti LGBTQ+ comments from the Prime Minister and members of the Government.

This Is Just The Veganning: I did Veganuary this Year and Here’s What I Found

Gigi Bushell reflects on her experience eating a vegan diet throughout the month of January and debunks the mistruths about being vegan on a student budget.

A Collection of Poems by Luana Vasconcelos

Poet Luana Vasconcelos shares a collection of Haiku style poems touching on themes of the beauty of nature and the comfort found within poetry.

AS I SEE IT – Debating ‘Beanz on Bix’ in the House of Commons Isn’t Cute: It’s an Embarrassing Insult to the Thousands Lost to the Virus

Following Weetabix’s viral tweet last Wednesday, Hannah Gravett argues that the politicians’ engagement with the debate is inappropriate following their repeated mistakes during the pandemic.

Dreams: Making Sense of the Nonsense

Isobel Kavanagh discusses the significant meanings of our dreams

AS I SEE IT – Why Taylor Swift is a 21st Century Feminist Icon

Betsy Goodfellow argues that, by using her platform to discuss issues of politics and misogyny, Taylor Swift becomes an important feminist icon.

It’s Lockdown 3 and I Think We’re Scared of Hope

Following the dominantly negative discourse surrounding the pandemic, Charlotte West offers some reasons why we shouldn’t let go of hope.

Generation Z and 2021: A Chance to Change

Kasia Ozorowska discusses why she believes Gen Z struggle so much with their mental health compared with previous generations

AS I SEE IT – The Golden Age of Children’s TV and Why it Means So Much to the Older Generation

Rachel Quick takes a deep dive into the Golden Age of children’s television and reflects on why it resonates so deeply with the older generations.

The Masters I Had Never Planned on Doing and Why You Should Consider One Too

Gigi Bushell opens up about her decision to return to university for a postgraduate course and gives her advice on retraining in a different field.

AS I SEE IT – Why Influencers in Dubai are a Problem

Following the discussion on ‘This Morning’, Maisie Holcombe contributes to the debate surrounding influencers ‘essential’ trips to Dubai, arguing that it is an insult to workers on the frontline.

Issue 99 (January 2021)

Issue 99 (January 2021)

Inside Issue 99 of The Stag, you can find beautifully designed articles on everything from coverage on important issues, handy tips to get through socially distanced learning, sustainable content and so much more!

AS I SEE IT – Why Giving Vulnerable Families an Additional £20 Shouldn’t Be Up For Debate

Hannah Gravett argues that the government’s resistance to extend the temporary £20 weekly rise in Universal Credit is a disgrace, and insists that for many across the country £20 is a lifeline.