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Taylor Swift’s Album ‘Folklore’: A Review

Clarisse Fullerton gives a rave five star review for Taylor Swift’s latest album, Folklore.

A Black Curriculum: How Willing are Surrey Schools to Make a Change?

Nadia Fernandes writes about the necessity to diversify school curriculums and her campaign to get her former school in Surrey to adopt a new approach.

The Government’s Implementation of Calorie Counts on Menus Will Make ED Recovery that Little Bit Harder

Hannah Gravett discusses the government backed plan to enforce calorie counts on restaurant menus and the detrimental effect that will have on those recovering from eating disorders.

Centre Staged: Melanie Baker

Have you been looking for some calm acoustics to accompany the recent flurry of summer days? Yasmin Norvill interviews up-and-coming artist Melanie Baker.

The Lost Connection Between the Filipino People and our Past – the Effects of Colonialism in this Generation

Isaiah Ting and Hazel Ting research into the effects of colonialism in Filipino culture today.

Glee: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Kieran Adamson looks back at the life of the TV phenomenon ‘Glee’, reviewing it’s best and worst bits and exploring the mark it’s left behind.

The Role of Fashion in Sport – From Self-Expression to Greater Performance

Clarisse Fullerton discusses the ways in which sports clothing has changed throughout history and how it often signifies a winning mentality.

PSA: Zac Efron is still hot and body shaming is still not

In response to the recent discourse surrounding Zac Efron’s ‘dad bod’, Yasmin Norvill discusses why our society is so fascinated by stories of weight loss and weight gain. This article contains references to eating disorders.

Wear a Fucking Mask

Nick Werren argues for everyone to wear a mask while examining the political battlefield surrounding the topic. Article contains frequent strong language

Far-Right Youtuber Allegedly a Former Surrey Lecturer – University Investigates

Irene García and Peter Ferguson report on investigations carried out by the University against a lecturer.