Barbie Movie: A Review

Jodie Thompson shares her thoughts on the highly-anticipated Barbie movie, as well as its importance in today’s society.

‘Welcome to Subtract’: Ed Sheeran’s Touching Live Debut of his New Album

Brandon Kartick tells us all about his experience at Ed Sheeran’s heartfelt live debut of his new album Subtract while giving us a brief history on Sheeran as an artist and the meanings behind his songs.

“Richard III” at the Rose Theatre – A Review

Emma Bleeck went to the press night of “Richard III” at the Rose Theatre and expresses her thoughts on the performance and the production’s changes to the classic play in her review.

Queer book recommendations – Celebrating all identities

Emma Bleeck introduces you to her favourite queer novels. Have a read if you’re looking to widen your reading list for all types of moods and genres!

This is how you do a farewell concert

Ivy Ivanova tells us about Panic! At The Disco’s concert. Being one of their last shows after announcing their disbandment, she takes us through the incredible experience of attending the concert.

65 is good, actually

Rosie Willoughby reviews 65, a simple action movie but which includes genuine performances by Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt.

“The Unexpected Twist” at the Rose Theatre – A Review

Emma Bleeck watched the musical adaptation of Michael Rosen’s novel, The Unexpected Twist, at the Rose Theatre in Kingston and shares her thoughts on the production’s Oliver Twist retelling.

Firedance live review

Jodie Thompson shares her thoughts after watching Firedance live, a show that features Strictly‘s biggest stars, fire performers and live music.

I see ghosts.

Annika Matthys writes her debut piece for The Stag, with an intimate and evocative look at the impact of grief on a person.

“Noughts + Crosses” at the Rose Theatre Kingston – A Review

Emma Bleeck offers her thoughts on the theatrical adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s novel, Noughts + Crosses, at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

The Play That Goes Wrong – A Review and Interview

President and Vice-President, Luka Dehnbostel and Rosie Willoughby, visit The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre, writing a review, interviewing one of its stars, and offering students a lucky discount for tickets.

Sonnet for a shark

Lauren Hall writes a vivid poem using the metaphor of a shark to convey intense emotions.


Poet Lauren Hall shares her debut piece with The Stag, an evocative poem structured into eight stanzas.

Glass Onion: a review

Rosie Willoughby shares her thoughts on Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion, and how the movie mirrors the reality of 2022 through its characters and plot.

Taylor Swift Midnights Review

Sharmishtha Chahande shares her thoughts on Taylor Swift’s latest album,Midnight, a record-breaker that includes a mature and personal take which captures the artist’s growth and innovations during her musical career.

For Christmas

Nefeli Michaelidou shares an exceptional poem, showing the more somber side to Christmas as “it can remind us of those who are no longer with us.”

Live From Surrey: Phil Chevessaut

Tomi Ogunlewe interviews Phil Chevessaut, upcoming artist whose musical skillset includes playing the piano, guitar and singing.

Live From Surrey: The Played Alone

Luka Dehnbostel interviews The Played Alone, an award-winning artist who prefer to keep a low profile, and whose style is described as “poetry to music”.

Live From Surrey: Lexie

Tomi Ogunlewe interviews Lexie, an experienced performer who has represented the University in last year’s Univision.

Live From Surrey: Sad-O-Meter 

Tomi Ogunlewe interviews Sad-O-Meter, a newly formed Indie rock band whose strong chemistry shall make their first performance on stage an exciting one.

Live From Surrey: University of Surrey Voices

Tomi Ogunlewe interviews Scarlett and Kat, founders of University of Surrey Voices who enjoy performing songs with pretty harmonies.

Live From Surrey: The Monoliths

Luana Vasconcelos interviews The Monoliths, a rock and roll band, whose eclectic mix of styles make their performances unique and lively.

Live From Surrey: Lemontooth

Luka Dehnbostel interviews the person behind the recording of the solo project Lemontooth, Noah.

Live from Surrey: Adam Gorry

Luka Dehnbostel interviews Adam Gorry, organiser and artist of Live From Surrey whose aesthetic speaks for his vibrant passion for performance.

Music of the Spheres

Rosie Willoughby interviews Brandon Kartick about Coldplay’s recent world tour and the band’s commitment to sustainability

This is not a Thor: Love and Thunder review.

How James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad Has Reinvigorated The Comic Book Movie

Kieran Loughlin reviews James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021), considering its place and distinction within the superhero film genre.

The Phantom Of The Opera, and A Review of The Theatre Post Pandemic

Betsy Goodfellow reviews the timeless Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, The Phantom of the Opera, and her first theatre experience post-pandemic.

Passing the Gauntlet: Black Widow and the Future of the MCU

Rosie Willoughby reviews Marvel Studios’ Black Widow (2021) and discusses the value of female-led superhero films.

REVIEW: WandaVision – Why I’m Excited To See More of Wanda Maximoff

Rosie Willoughby reviews Marvel’s first tv series on Disney+, WandaVision, discussing the way the show handles grief and its presentation of female characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

A Collection of Poems by Luana Vasconcelos

Poet Luana Vasconcelos shares a collection of Haiku style poems touching on themes of the beauty of nature and the comfort found within poetry.

AS I SEE IT – It’s Been a Year and I’m Still Mad about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

A year after its release, Rosie Willoughby reflects on her disappointment after watching ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’.

Conversations With Surrey’s Anonymous Instagram Poet

Rosa Heaton has a discussion with Surrey’s successful instagram poet, known as Perseus. Exploring his inspiration and tips on running a successful account.


A short story by University of Surrey student Will Brook.

‘Everyday Life’ by Coldplay

Edward Ward comments on Coldplay’s upcoming new album, after it’s strange announcement in a small welsh newspaper alongside some cryptic social media.

The Booker Prize 2019 Explained

Kieran Adamson explores the recent Booker Prize, controversially awarded to two authors. He looks into the reasons behind the decision and public responses.

Knives Out Review

Michael Slavin reviews ‘Knives Out’ a new film starring Daniel Craig and Christopher Plummer. Currently screening at Guildford Odeon.

The Paper Ticket

The Paper Ticket is a short story written by English Literature student Michael Raine.

Unpacking What it Means to be a ‘New Writer’ with James Tatam

Rosa Heaton interviews Literature Student James Tatam on Surrey New Writer’s Festival and what it means to be a ‘new writer’

In Defence of Bella Thorne

Izzy Rolfe gives her thoughts on the recent Bella Thorne scandal ahead of her upcoming book launch

Inside the Coffee Tent: Meet Beau

Beau Cleveland-Copeman and Yasmin Norvill catch up in the Coffee Tent to chat about his upcoming poetry book, exciting ventures and artistic inspirations.

The Game of Thrones Battle for the Tory Leadership

Nathan Weaver explores the Tory leadership contest, dissecting each of the contestants looking at what they may bring to the role.

The Right to Write: Who Gets to Write Diversity?

Helia Daryani looks at who should write stories championing diversity, is it right if the author isn’t representative of their focus minority?

Do Women Want to Hear Women?

Amy Johnson delves into the US country music scene, particularly exploring the success of female country artists and the UK’s influence on their popularity.

Our Hunger for Political Music is Reaching a Crescendo

Charlotte West delves into current trends in current and popular music, exploring how they’re influenced by political climates around the world.

Inside the Coffee Tent: Meet Charlie

Yasmin Norvill sits down with musician and barista ‘Life Like Charlie’ in the PATS coffee tent to discuss his music and ambitions for the future.

Is ‘Sex Education’ Worth the Hype?

The netflix series has been renewed for a second season. Izzy Rolfe takes a look at the show and why it’s so popular.

Is the Romance Genre Ruining Real Relationships?

Sophie Pike offers a perspective on how real long term relationships are threatened by the portrayal of romance in film, tv and novels.

Harrow Woods Resort

“I was woken up by the rattling of the car. The clanking of pipes in its underbelly sounded like gunfire in my nightmare…” by Annabella Costantino

Someone Else’s Chair

In a parking lot on the outskirts of Montgomery, every Wednesday the local church held a Flea Market. A Short story by Sam Murphy