‘Everyday Life’ by Coldplay

Edward Ward comments on Coldplay’s upcoming new album, after it’s strange announcement in a small welsh newspaper alongside some cryptic social media.

Knives Out Review

Michael Slavin reviews ‘Knives Out’ a new film starring Daniel Craig and Christopher Plummer. Currently screening at Guildford Odeon.

In Defence of Bella Thorne

Izzy Rolfe gives her thoughts on the recent Bella Thorne scandal ahead of her upcoming book launch

Inside the Coffee Tent: Meet Beau

Beau Cleveland-Copeman and Yasmin Norvill catch up in the Coffee Tent to chat about his upcoming poetry book, exciting ventures and artistic inspirations.

The Game of Thrones Battle for the Tory Leadership

Nathan Weaver explores the Tory leadership contest, dissecting each of the contestants looking at what they may bring to the role.

Do Women Want to Hear Women?

Amy Johnson delves into the US country music scene, particularly exploring the success of female country artists and the UK’s influence on their popularity.

Our Hunger for Political Music is Reaching a Crescendo

Charlotte West delves into current trends in current and popular music, exploring how they’re influenced by political climates around the world.

Inside the Coffee Tent: Meet Charlie

Yasmin Norvill sits down with musician and barista ‘Life Like Charlie’ in the PATS coffee tent to discuss his music and ambitions for the future.

Is ‘Sex Education’ Worth the Hype?

The netflix series has been renewed for a second season. Izzy Rolfe takes a look at the show and why it’s so popular.

Why a Film’s Age Rating Matters: Censoring Explicit Content for Money

Dami Williams-Shire looks into how films are made, exploring the danger Studios and financers pose towards the creative direction of the film.

Mental Health in Music

Over the past few years, the music industry has felt immense loss and heartbreak. Yasmin Norvill explores how mental health has affected both celebrity and fan alike.

Heathers: The Musical – a Timeless and Faithful Adaptation

How well does the story of a toxic, homicidal high-school relationship translate to the stage? Georgia Read delves into this adaptation of a classic film.

The Strictly Curse: to what extent are celebrities entitled to a private life when their actions are public?

With recent developments in one of TV’s biggest celebrity dance competitions, Isabel Rolfe investigates the so called ‘Strictly Curse’

Golden Tour: Kylie Minogue back on the run

Has Kylie still got it? Michal Frackowiak reviews her latest tour… Spoiler alert: She does!

How ‘Insatiable’ is Netflix’s most problematic show?

Lisa Cosham explore’s the controversy surrounding Netflix’s ‘least feminist show’, but is the debate justified?

This title is almost as long as the titles of ‘Panic! at the Disco’s’ early songs

One of modern rock’s most iconic bands has undergone countless line-up changes over the years, but how far has their musical style changed?

by Emily Wooten

The Legend Returns…

  Most of us can name that one book or movie that has a special place in our hearts since we were young. Perhaps it related to what we were going through when we first read it, or it gave us some guidance, or it…

Song & Album Review (May)

Gloom Sleeper – The Black Side (Song) This month’s Stag Song of the Month is The Black Side by German four piece Gloom Sleeper. At just over three minutes it packs enough tonal shifts and distinctive styles to remain interesting, and even the simple, uninspired…

TV Series Review: Vinyl

This review covers the first six episodes of Vinyl, a HBO produced American drama following Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale) and his failing record label American Century. It’s hard not to draw comparisons between Vinyl and AMC’s Mad Men that ran for seven seasons and was…