Travels with The Stag – Beneath Bangkok: Exploring The Other Side of a Top Travelling Destination

Travels with The Stag – Beneath Bangkok: Exploring The Other Side of a Top Travelling Destination

Creative Writing Editor, Nell Beard, digs deep into her experience volunteering with children in Bangkok, explaining what she learned, what it meant to her, and why you should consider volunteering at home or abroad.

The Shared Kitchen – Original Student Recipes

The Shared Kitchen – Original Student Recipes

Debut writer, Madi Holland, introduces us to her new series, The Shared Kitchen, where she’ll be giving us student-budget, student-friendly recipes that will spice up our everyday cooking.

‘Quarter Life Crisis’ – Baby Queen’s Take on the Twenties

‘Quarter Life Crisis’ – Baby Queen’s Take on the Twenties

Nour Morsy gives us her thoughts on Baby Queen’s new album, ‘Quarter Life Crisis’: from romanticising the everyday to navigating the twenties.

HMRC and The Shadow Cabinet – A Direct Attack on Terfism in the UK, and then some more magic

HMRC and The Shadow Cabinet – A Direct Attack on Terfism in the UK, and then some more magic

Returning writer Millie Russell conjures up an all-inclusive book review of the first two instalments of Juno Dawson’s ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Coven’ trilogy. From social justice to magical government organisations, Millie gives queer readers two more books for their ‘TBR’ pile.

Travels with The Stag to Efteling and Phantasialand

Travels with The Stag to Efteling and Phantasialand

Rosie Willoughby gives her tips on making the most of your trip to the theme parks De Efteling and Phantasialand, from which airport to fly into, to top attraction picks.

Travels with The Stag as an exchange student

Travels with The Stag as an exchange student

Deputy Editor, Rosie Willoughby, introduces our latest series, Travels with the Stag: featuring student-friendly advice and commentary on exploring new places, starting with a widely accessible opportunity: studying abroad.

Barbie Movie: A Review

Jodie Thompson shares her thoughts on the highly-anticipated Barbie movie, as well as its importance in today’s society.

Loving Differently

For the last day of pride month, our anonymous author writes a poem about experiencing love through a different lens.

One fantasy, One familial, Both fun: Queer Book Reviews

Millie Russell reviews and discusses two different, yet excellent pieces of queer media. One is a slow burn fantasy, the other is a familial novel.

Wild Night At The Zoo, Anyone?

Fancy a different kind of Zoo experience? Tomi Ogunlewe reviews the London Zoo night experience, which is available until the 28th July.

The Department of Conspiracy – A Review

‘Nour Morsy received and reviewed ‘The Department of Conspiracy’ by Cal Georgeson, a book released in January of this year that is all about espionage, fake news, and unintended heroism’

‘Welcome to Subtract’: Ed Sheeran’s Touching Live Debut of his New Album

Brandon Kartick tells us all about his experience at Ed Sheeran’s heartfelt live debut of his new album Subtract while giving us a brief history on Sheeran as an artist and the meanings behind his songs.

“Richard III” at the Rose Theatre – A Review

Emma Bleeck went to the press night of “Richard III” at the Rose Theatre and expresses her thoughts on the performance and the production’s changes to the classic play in her review.

Queer book recommendations – Celebrating all identities

Emma Bleeck introduces you to her favourite queer novels. Have a read if you’re looking to widen your reading list for all types of moods and genres!

This is how you do a farewell concert

Ivy Ivanova tells us about Panic! At The Disco’s concert. Being one of their last shows after announcing their disbandment, she takes us through the incredible experience of attending the concert.

65 is good, actually

Rosie Willoughby reviews 65, a simple action movie but which includes genuine performances by Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt.

“The Unexpected Twist” at the Rose Theatre – A Review

Emma Bleeck watched the musical adaptation of Michael Rosen’s novel, The Unexpected Twist, at the Rose Theatre in Kingston and shares her thoughts on the production’s Oliver Twist retelling.

Firedance live review

Jodie Thompson shares her thoughts after watching Firedance live, a show that features Strictly‘s biggest stars, fire performers and live music.

The international student experience

Former President of The Stag, Sharmishtha Chahande, reflects on her experience applying to the University of Surrey as an international student, and how her decision has affected her life.

Glass Onion: a review

Rosie Willoughby shares her thoughts on Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion, and how the movie mirrors the reality of 2022 through its characters and plot.

Taylor Swift Midnights Review

Sharmishtha Chahande shares her thoughts on Taylor Swift’s latest album,Midnight, a record-breaker that includes a mature and personal take which captures the artist’s growth and innovations during her musical career.

For Christmas

Nefeli Michaelidou shares an exceptional poem, showing the more somber side to Christmas as “it can remind us of those who are no longer with us.”

Live From Surrey: Phil Chevessaut

Tomi Ogunlewe interviews Phil Chevessaut, upcoming artist whose musical skillset includes playing the piano, guitar and singing.

Live From Surrey: The Played Alone

Luka Dehnbostel interviews The Played Alone, an award-winning artist who prefer to keep a low profile, and whose style is described as “poetry to music”.

Live From Surrey: Lexie

Tomi Ogunlewe interviews Lexie, an experienced performer who has represented the University in last year’s Univision.

Live From Surrey: Sad-O-Meter 

Tomi Ogunlewe interviews Sad-O-Meter, a newly formed Indie rock band whose strong chemistry shall make their first performance on stage an exciting one.

Live From Surrey: University of Surrey Voices

Tomi Ogunlewe interviews Scarlett and Kat, founders of University of Surrey Voices who enjoy performing songs with pretty harmonies.

Live From Surrey: The Monoliths

Luana Vasconcelos interviews The Monoliths, a rock and roll band, whose eclectic mix of styles make their performances unique and lively.

Live From Surrey: Lemontooth

Luka Dehnbostel interviews the person behind the recording of the solo project Lemontooth, Noah.

Live from Surrey: Adam Gorry

Luka Dehnbostel interviews Adam Gorry, organiser and artist of Live From Surrey whose aesthetic speaks for his vibrant passion for performance.

International Students’ Day: testimonies from current Surrey Students

Luana Vasconcelos interviews international students at the University about the challenges they’ve overcome, top advice for fellow students and their favourite thing about studying at Surrey.

International Students’ Day: a brief history, events this week and my experience

Luana Vasconcelos introduces International Students’ Day, a celebration of education, cultural diversity and unique experiences.

Music of the Spheres

Rosie Willoughby interviews Brandon Kartick about Coldplay’s recent world tour and the band’s commitment to sustainability

‘Screw’ TV Show Review

Robyn Quick analyses the TV Show ‘Screw’ as a commentary on the prison system’s purpose as punishment or rehabilitation.

Five reasons why I recommend ‘Americanah’

Luana Vasconcelos celebrates Black History Month by recommending ‘Americanah’, a novel that highlights black stories in a positive, genuine way.

Wellbeing Week 2022: what’s going on, the support you can get, and interview with final year student, Rebecca McDonough

Jodie Thompson introduces students to this year’s Wellbeing Week events and support services at University, and offers wellbeing tips via her interview with a final year student.

Let’s talk intersectionality: The SU and Library’s upcoming Student Curator Project

Luana Vasconcelos introduces the upcoming Student Curator Project in which students will recommend books that talk about intersectionality.

Working Towards “Self-love”

Emma Bleeck opens up about her journey towards discovering self-love and comments on our tendency to rely on others for happiness

Can you sleep out for one night to support young people facing homelessness?

Rosie Willoughby raises awareness about an event hosted by The Amber Foundation charity aimed to support young people suffering homelessness

This is not a Thor: Love and Thunder review.

How TikTok Got Me Reading Again: Reviewing BookTok’s Most Famous Books!

Jodie Thompson reviews some of TikTok’s most favourite and famous reads. Have a read if you’re looking to build your summer reading list!

Top 8 International Songs You Should Know

Nour Morsy introduces you to her top 8 songs by international artists to turn to for whatever mood you’re in!

Spider-Man: No Way Home, A Review and a Chat with a Fellow Fan

Robyn Quick reviews Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as snippets from a chat with fellow fan, Nisha Kang.

‘In The Heights’: One Film, Many Messages

Ivy Ivanova discusses the important messages and themes of last summer’s ‘In The Heights’, the film adaptation of the smash Broadway musical.

Marvel’s Eternals: A Review

Rosie Willoughby reviews Marvel Studios’ latest release, Eternals (2021), discussing its triumphs, nuances, and failures.

Expanding The Happiest Place On Earth

Rosie Willoughby discusses the renovations taking places across Disney parks as Imagineers aim to create a more diverse experience.

Centre Staged: Maud

Lisa J Cosham spoke to Norwegian musician and producer Maud about her work and what must change to bring more women to the industry.

Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres: A Review

Rosie Willoughby reviews Coldplay’s latest album ‘Music Of The Spheres’, considering its place among the band’s previous work.

Pride and Prejudice, And A Pandemic

Rosie Willoughby reflects on Jane Austen’s timeless classic and explains what makes its readers always return for more.

‘Blackfishing’: Why Jesy Nelson Has Caused A Stir

Karim Acolina discusses the controversy surrounding Jesy Nelson’s new music video and explains why ‘blackfishing’ is problematic.