How TikTok Got Me Reading Again: Reviewing BookTok’s Most Famous Books!

Jodie Thompson reviews some of TikTok’s most favourite and famous reads. Have a read if you’re looking to build your summer reading list!

Top 8 International Songs You Should Know

Nour Morsy introduces you to her top 8 songs by international artists to turn to for whatever mood you’re in!

Spider-Man: No Way Home, A Review and a Chat with a Fellow Fan

Robyn Quick reviews Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as snippets from a chat with fellow fan, Nisha Kang.

‘In The Heights’: One Film, Many Messages

Ivy Ivanova discusses the important messages and themes of last summer’s ‘In The Heights’, the film adaptation of the smash Broadway musical.

Marvel’s Eternals: A Review

Rosie Willoughby reviews Marvel Studios’ latest release, Eternals (2021), discussing its triumphs, nuances, and failures.

Expanding The Happiest Place On Earth

Rosie Willoughby discusses the renovations taking places across Disney parks as Imagineers aim to create a more diverse experience.

Centre Staged: Maud

Lisa J Cosham spoke to Norwegian musician and producer Maud about her work and what must change to bring more women to the industry.

Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres: A Review

Rosie Willoughby reviews Coldplay’s latest album ‘Music Of The Spheres’, considering its place among the band’s previous work.

Pride and Prejudice, And A Pandemic

Rosie Willoughby reflects on Jane Austen’s timeless classic and explains what makes its readers always return for more.

‘Blackfishing’: Why Jesy Nelson Has Caused A Stir

Karim Acolina discusses the controversy surrounding Jesy Nelson’s new music video and explains why ‘blackfishing’ is problematic.

My Queer Book Club: Recommendations That Make Me Feel Seen

Rachel Quick recommends three pieces in the media that, in her opinion, raise the voices of the LGBT+ community.

The Escape We All Need Right Now: BASTILLE’S New Single

Maisie Holcombe reviews Bastille’s 2021 single ‘Distorted Light Beam’, considering the importance of uplifting music in a challenging time.

Mental Health Awareness: A Reminder Of The Support Available To You

Luka Dehnbostel marks Suicide Prevention Day with a reminder of the mental health support available at the University of Surrey.

AS I SEE IT – Gwyneth Paltrow’s BreadGate: Why Women Don’t Need Another Excuse To Punish Their Bodies

Hannah Gravett criticises The Guardian’s response to Gwyneth Paltrow’s panic over consuming carbs.

REVIEW: WandaVision – Why I’m Excited To See More of Wanda Maximoff

Rosie Willoughby reviews Marvel’s first tv series on Disney+, WandaVision, discussing the way the show handles grief and its presentation of female characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Top 5 Audiobooks for the Insomniac

Hannah Gravett lists her top audiobooks to help you sleep, from childhood favourites to a political biography

AS I SEE IT – Why Taylor Swift is a 21st Century Feminist Icon

Betsy Goodfellow argues that, by using her platform to discuss issues of politics and misogyny, Taylor Swift becomes an important feminist icon.

AS I SEE IT – The Golden Age of Children’s TV and Why it Means So Much to the Older Generation

Rachel Quick takes a deep dive into the Golden Age of children’s television and reflects on why it resonates so deeply with the older generations.

AS I SEE IT – Why Influencers in Dubai are a Problem

Following the discussion on ‘This Morning’, Maisie Holcombe contributes to the debate surrounding influencers ‘essential’ trips to Dubai, arguing that it is an insult to workers on the frontline.

Why The Muppets is the best version of A Christmas Carol

This festive season, Betsy Goodfellow articulates why she believes The Muppet Christmas Carol is the best adaptation of Charles Dickens’ beloved novel.

AS I SEE IT – The People’s Princess Reborn: How ‘The Crown’ Introduced Diana to Generation Z

Hannah Gravett responds to the representation of Princess Diana in the newest series of The Crown, and explores why she’s become such an icon for Gen-Z

The Arts Saved Us During Lockdown, But Now Who Will Save Them?

Hannah Gravett explores the importance of the arts and the financial neglect they have suffered from the government.

As I See It – Lockdown Had Its Silver Linings

Betsy Goodfellow reflects on her experience on lockdown and considers the potential benefits of the extra time.

Centre Staged: Bastille

Charlotte West catches up with Bastille about their daring new singles, the future of live music, and frontman Dan Smith’s psychic abilities.

How COVID-19 has Altered Queer Expression

Reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on the community, Karim Acolina explores why now more than ever LGBTQ+ people must come together and celebrate their identity.

CBD Oil: Does it Deserve the Hype?

Lydia Halsey uncovers the mystery surrounding CBD oil, exploring its positive impacts on anxiety; while dismantling the misconceptions that have surrounded CBD

The Screen Where It Happens: Hamilton The Musical

Following the release of hit musical Hamilton on Disney+, Rachel Murray assesses the themes of the show and extracts their relevance to the political climate of 2020

The Many Lives of Ray Bradbury

James Tatam reflects on the iconic life of author Ray Bradbury. Discussing intricate details of his life, his work and his notable impact on Hollywood to this day.

The Rise of YouTube Workouts: Are They Tackling Diet Culture?

Emma Brine explores the nuances behind the rise in YouTube workouts during lockdown, questioning whether it is simply another avenue promoting diet culture.

Taylor Swift’s Album ‘Folklore’: A Review

Clarisse Fullerton gives a rave five star review for Taylor Swift’s latest album, Folklore.

Centre Staged: Melanie Baker

Have you been looking for some calm acoustics to accompany the recent flurry of summer days? Yasmin Norvill interviews up-and-coming artist Melanie Baker.

Glee: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Kieran Adamson looks back at the life of the TV phenomenon ‘Glee’, reviewing it’s best and worst bits and exploring the mark it’s left behind.

PSA: Zac Efron is still hot and body shaming is still not

In response to the recent discourse surrounding Zac Efron’s ‘dad bod’, Yasmin Norvill discusses why our society is so fascinated by stories of weight loss and weight gain. This article contains references to eating disorders.

TV or Silver Screen: How Cinema Must Adapt

Reflecting on the impact of the pandemic, Rachel Quick analyses how our relationship with cinemas may change in a post COVID-19 world.

Black Lives Matter – How we can all Contribute to an Anti-Racist Society

Shadele Brown writes in support of Anti-Racist movements and shares educational resources to help people be productive instead of performative in their activism.

Centre Staged: Dutch Criminal Record

Portsmouth based indie surf band, Dutch Criminal Record are set to have their biggest year yet. Yasmin Norvill interviews them.

Students Save Our Theatres: An Interview with Florence Andrews

Lily Pearce speaks to Theatre Society’s, Florence Andrews about the future of theatre in a post COVID-19 world and promotes the ‘Students Save Our Theatres’ national campaign.

Creativity as an Escape in a Pandemic

Samuel Awonuga describes the inspiration behind creating the ‘Surrey at Home’ anthology released by the Community Zone last week.

Centre Staged: Marsicans

Yasmin Norvill interviews up and coming indie stars, Marsicans in the first instalment of her brand new series ‘Centre Staged’

LGBTQ Representation in Film: A Look at the Stats

Lily Pearce investigates recent statistics regarding on screen LGBTQ+ representation and argues the importance of diversity in film.

Black Lives Matter: Poetry and Art

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Lisa Ncube has written a poem about racism and created a painting to accompany her words

Learning to take Pride in Coming Out

Deputy Editor Pete Ferguson shares his journey on how he came to terms with taking pride in being LGBTQ+

How Your Favourite Fast Fashion Brands are Exploiting the Pandemic, their Workers and You

Editor in Chief Yasmin Norvill examines the exploitative measures fast fashion companies have asserted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is Time for a New Narrative for the Black Community

Louisa Daley discusses her experience as a black student and how the curriculum failed to provide a full insight into the nuances of black identity.

Putting the F into Festival Line Ups

Yasmin Norvill explores current festival lineups and highlights the extreme lack of women filling headline slots, and not for a lack of audience appetite.

Why Ecuador should be your first solo travel trip

Eve Willis recounts her recent trip to Ecuador and looks at why this South American country is the perfect place to test the waters of solo travelling.

Conversations With Surrey’s Anonymous Instagram Poet

Rosa Heaton has a discussion with Surrey’s successful instagram poet, known as Perseus. Exploring his inspiration and tips on running a successful account.


A short story by University of Surrey student Will Brook.

Sustainable Beauty Alternatives

With the UN declaring a ‘Planetary Crisis’, Megan d’Ardenne explores the impact of the cosmetics industry and what we can do to help.

‘Everyday Life’ by Coldplay

Edward Ward comments on Coldplay’s upcoming new album, after it’s strange announcement in a small welsh newspaper alongside some cryptic social media.