Five ways to reduce your waste during your time at Surrey

Five ways to reduce your waste during your time at Surrey

Cemsu Senyurt shares her top tips for reducing your waste and living a more sustainable life during your time at university.

Memories and the Political Paintbrush

Memories and the Political Paintbrush

Sustainability Editor, Matt Cockfield-Hall, takes a trip down memory lane as he traces how politics have painted the landscape of his village.

Climate Doomerism – How to stay positive during the Climate Crisis

Climate Doomerism – How to stay positive during the Climate Crisis

Sustainability Editor, Matt Cockfield-Hall, shares some hopeful tips for how to not feel paralysed by the Climate Crisis.

Poetry makes nothing happen…?

Laurel Moore introduces us to her handmade poetry anthology about nature and environmental concerns that was recently launched at an event on campus. All of the profits go to Greenpeace.

Music of the Spheres

Rosie Willoughby interviews Brandon Kartick about Coldplay’s recent world tour and the band’s commitment to sustainability

AS I SEE IT – Is TALA’s Collaboration with ASOS Undermining their Sustainability Efforts?

Following the announcement of TALA’s collaboration with ASOS, Yasmin Norvill examines whether this partnership has undermined TALA’s sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Space Travel: Is it Possible?

Neelam Bhohi investigates whether our attempts to explore space are negatively impacting the environment and questions the future possibilities of sustainable space travel.

This Is Just The Veganning: I did Veganuary this Year and Here’s What I Found

Gigi Bushell reflects on her experience eating a vegan diet throughout the month of January and debunks the mistruths about being vegan on a student budget.

COVID-19: the Virus Undermining Attenborough’s Sustainability Efforts

After watching Sir David Attenborough’s latest documentary “A Life on Our Planet”, Alice Brooks reflects on how the COVID-19 pandemic is reversing global sustainability efforts

How to Eat Sustainably at University: 5 Simple Steps

Hannah Gravett looks at the best ways to eat sustainably, especially for new students arriving at Uni for the first time!

A Hoarder’s Quest in Sustainability: The Inconvenient Truth of Eco-Shame

Hannah Gravett describes her experience of eco-shame and her internal conflict of wanting to save the turtles and also online shop.

How Your Favourite Fast Fashion Brands are Exploiting the Pandemic, their Workers and You

Editor in Chief Yasmin Norvill examines the exploitative measures fast fashion companies have asserted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Hoarder’s Quest In Sustainability: Should we combat our love of indulgence for the safety of our planet?

Hannah Gravett talks explains her recent realisation of her consumerist habits. Breaking down her lifestyle and understanding the harm it can cause.

Veganuary: Does it make any difference?

Megan d’Ardenne explores the benefits of Veganuary – from supporting the environmental to improving your health. Could a vegan diet suit you?

Is Nuclear Fusion an Answer to Our Climate Crisis?

Holly Thompson briefly explains Nuclear Fusion – a potentially ideal power source, with no pollution and an arguably limitless source of fuel.

Guildford’s Climate Strike

Ellen Parry explores the upcoming ‘Strike 4 Guildford Climate’ march and the positive impact similar marches are having on governments internationally.

Sustainable Beauty Alternatives

With the UN declaring a ‘Planetary Crisis’, Megan d’Ardenne explores the impact of the cosmetics industry and what we can do to help.

“There is no Planet B” – Global Climate Strike 2019

Last Friday, Megan d’Ardenne joined the millions of people taking to the streets demanding action, days before the UN’s Global Climate Summit

Veganism on Campus: Eating and Awareness

Holly Saunders explores many reasons why people are vegan, including environmental awareness and healthy eating and the need for greater awareness.

Why recycling won’t solve our plastic problem

Katie MacMillan explores our everyday waste production and its effects, raising awareness of what we can all do to improve