NHS Sexual Assault Services: Where To Get Help

As part of a new campaign, the NHS explains the services they are offering to help victims of sexual assault.

Questions on the Walk Home

Rosie Willoughby shares a resonant piece detailing the frequent thoughts we tend to encounter upon walking home in the dark.

‘Love Burns’: A Poem for Valentine’s Day

An anonymous student shares their poem, ‘Love Burns’ for Valentine’s Day. We wish you a happy day with your family, friends and loved ones!

Rosie’s Culture Recommendations for the New Year

Rosie Willoughby recommends titles in literature, film, TV and music to sink your teeth into in 2022, from old classics to new finds.

Mental Health in Wintertime

Rosie Willoughby confronts the mental health dips we often experience in winter, reminding students of the support available here at Surrey.

Hope In Depression

Lily Owens explains the courses available at Hope in Depression, a mental health charity designed to offer free support and guidance.

Centre Staged: Maud

Lisa J Cosham spoke to Norwegian musician and producer Maud about her work and what must change to bring more women to the industry.

Why ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ Is A Lie: A Compassionate Lens on Student Wellbeing

Anton Barnwell highlights the prevalence of poor mental wellbeing in students, and explores the options that are there to ease the pressure.

After Atlanta, Confronting Anti-Asian Racism Is Long Overdue

In response to the anti-Asian mass shooting in Atlanta, Russell Sherrard-Smith explores the racism against Asian people and the prejudices we continue to believe.

AS I SEE IT – It’s Okay to Be Anxious About the Easing of COVID Restrictions

Maisie Holcombe explains why she believes the easing of restrictions will be difficult for some people.

Sarah Everard – British Women and their Collective Grief for a Life that Could Have Been our Own

Reflecting on the disappearance of Sarah Everard, Hannah Gravett examines what it means to be a woman in Britain today, highlighting the painful experience of communal grief and the heartbreaking statistics of which we have become numb to.

Top 5 Audiobooks for the Insomniac

Hannah Gravett lists her top audiobooks to help you sleep, from childhood favourites to a political biography

Find Your Fire, Just Don’t Get Burned Out On The Way

Gigi Bushell describes her recent experience of burnout and offers her tips for dealing with it in the future.

Dreams: Making Sense of the Nonsense

Isobel Kavanagh discusses the significant meanings of our dreams

It’s Lockdown 3 and I Think We’re Scared of Hope

Following the dominantly negative discourse surrounding the pandemic, Charlotte West offers some reasons why we shouldn’t let go of hope.

Generation Z and 2021: A Chance to Change

Kasia Ozorowska discusses why she believes Gen Z struggle so much with their mental health compared with previous generations

The Masters I Had Never Planned on Doing and Why You Should Consider One Too

Gigi Bushell opens up about her decision to return to university for a postgraduate course and gives her advice on retraining in a different field.

AS I SEE IT – Why Influencers in Dubai are a Problem

Following the discussion on ‘This Morning’, Maisie Holcombe contributes to the debate surrounding influencers ‘essential’ trips to Dubai, arguing that it is an insult to workers on the frontline.

AS I SEE IT – Are OBE’s Outdated? The Celebratory Remains of Britain’s Colonial Past and the Celebrities Who Decline Them

Hannah Gravett looks at past celebrities who have earned OBEs, arguing that Britain’s imperial past affects the reception of this prestigious award.

Just Relax and Accept the Crazy: Job Hunting Advice to Help You Hustle in the COVID Era

Gigi Bushell gives her top tips for students and graduates job hunting during the pandemic.

I’ll Be Ho-Ho-Home for Christmas Markets This Year

Gigi Bushell shares six of the best virtual Christmas markets this year.

Talking COVID with Surrey Sports: An Interview with Surf Club

In her new series, Clarisse Fullerton chats to the President of Surf Club about how they’ve adapted to the pandemic this semester

The 93% Club, Fighting for Equal Opportunities in an Unequal System

Russell Sherrard-Smith talks with Emma Bowler from the 93% Club Surrey, discussing social mobility and how to change the playing field.

Unmuted: How I Found My Voice as a Student with a Stammer

James Tatam opens up about his experience of living with a stutter and how he has learnt to dealt with at university and beyond.

AS I SEE IT – How Good Grades Can Make You Dumb

Leon Lynn explains why he believes grades aren’t everything, and how taking up hobbies outside of your field can improve intelligence and aid in greater employability opportunities.

It’s All Zoom and Gloom Right Now: How to Stay and Slay at Home During Lockdown 2.0

Gigi Bushell offers her top tips for students on how to best survive lockdown 2.0

AS I SEE IT – Fake It ‘Till You Make It

Gigi Bushell discusses her experience of imposter syndrome and the best ways in which to tackle it.

Surrey’s Award-Winning Placement Year: Stories From the Students it Failed

Charlotte West discusses the potential failings of Surrey’s placement scheme and chats to other students about their experiences.

As I See It – Are Gymshark to Blame for Their Own Backlash to Body Positivity?

Isabel Rolfe looks back at the the controversy following Gymshark’s Instagram post of Nelly London in their activewear and discusses how much the brand are too blame for the negative response

As I See It – Lockdown Had Its Silver Linings

Betsy Goodfellow reflects on her experience on lockdown and considers the potential benefits of the extra time.

Losing My Dad: The Battle Between Grief and Guilt

As it approaches the year anniversary of her father’s death, Bea Costley opens up about her experience of dealing with grief, and the surprising guilt that accompanied it.

Student Wellbeing in a ‘Pre Post-COVID’ World

The Peer Support Team discuss the importance of wellbeing during this difficult time, and the ways in which their new Peer Support Scheme can aid students

Starting University Amidst a Pandemic

Alice Brooks provides advice for new students who will have to cope with settling into university with social distancing in place.

“He’s like a second Dad to us” – Surrey Students’ Favourite Night Bus Driver

Charlotte West highlights the Instagram account of the Surrey night bus driver and speaks to fellow students about why he is their favourite.

The Curse of Performative PR

Alex Teng investigates how companies have used Pride and Black Lives Matter to boost their public image, rather than implementing diversity internally.

Three Lessons I Learnt From (Not) Graduating in the Midst of a Pandemic

Final year Rufaro Mazarura discusses the end of her time spent studying at Surrey – sharing her perspective as she moves into a new period of her life.

Learning to take Pride in Coming Out

Deputy Editor Pete Ferguson shares his journey on how he came to terms with taking pride in being LGBTQ+

How Your Favourite Fast Fashion Brands are Exploiting the Pandemic, their Workers and You

Editor in Chief Yasmin Norvill examines the exploitative measures fast fashion companies have asserted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black Lives Matter: A Joint Statement

‘The Stag’ has united with various student publications around the country to release a joint statement on the Black Lives Matter Campaign.

A message from LGBT+ Society in support of Black Lives Matter

Sophia Newman writes in support and solidarity of the Black Lives Matter movement from her position as the BAME Officer for LGBT+ Society.

SurreyFess Fesses Up: Behind the Confessions with the Admins

Through interviews with the SurreyFess admins, Charlotte West explores the range of challenges they face, from racist hate crimes to overwhelming workloads.

Why Students Should Celebrate Christmas Early (and How to Do it Best)

From festive flat ideas to local events, Charlotte West provides a festive guide on what Surrey Students can do to get in the holiday spirit!

How the GP Freeze Failed Me

Alone without basic healthcare, medication or advice. Pete Ferguson reveals his experience when The Guildowns Group Practice began refusing new patients.

I Dropped Out of my Year Abroad

‘Failure and Fate During my Placement Hunt.’ Charlotte West recounts her recent experience exploring how to spend her penultimate year at surrey.

Endometriosis: Over 13,500 share devastating impact of condition

Despite painfully affecting one in ten women in the UK, endometriosis is often regarded as a hidden condition. Megan d’Ardenne interviews Sophie Weller.

What to do about the GP Registration Cap

Sophie Pike chats to our new VP Support Sarah Surget about the recently introduced cap on new patients at the Guildowns Group Medical Centre

“There is no Planet B” – Global Climate Strike 2019

Last Friday, Megan d’Ardenne joined the millions of people taking to the streets demanding action, days before the UN’s Global Climate Summit

My time as a University of Surrey student

Recent graduate Bradley Kelman reflects on his time as a student at the University of Surrey.

‘MAN UP’: A Discussion on Masculinity and Male Mental Health

Emily Byfield-Riches interviews Michael Taricone, discussing possible causes of male mental health and why it can be so difficult to talk about.

Grind Culture: The Silent Epidemic

What’s the difference between an accidental dance rub and a fully-fledged crotch to backside violation? Hollie Saunders takes a look at what’s acceptable.