You Matter a Lot, actually – A Plea About Palestine

You Matter a Lot, actually – A Plea About Palestine

Nour Morsy discusses the ongoing conflict in Palestine, describing the history, current situation and what people around the world can learn.

This article was partially written by AI

This article was partially written by AI

Ivy Ivanova, our Head of Marketing, investigates the new world of generative AI: the concerns, risks, and questions of how it may be used in the future.

Climate Doomerism – How to stay positive during the Climate Crisis

Climate Doomerism – How to stay positive during the Climate Crisis

Sustainability Editor, Matt Cockfield-Hall, shares some hopeful tips for how to not feel paralysed by the Climate Crisis.

Barbie Movie: A Review

Jodie Thompson shares her thoughts on the highly-anticipated Barbie movie, as well as its importance in today’s society.

Loving Differently

For the last day of pride month, our anonymous author writes a poem about experiencing love through a different lens.

One fantasy, One familial, Both fun: Queer Book Reviews

Millie Russell reviews and discusses two different, yet excellent pieces of queer media. One is a slow burn fantasy, the other is a familial novel.

Wild Night At The Zoo, Anyone?

Fancy a different kind of Zoo experience? Tomi Ogunlewe reviews the London Zoo night experience, which is available until the 28th July.

‘Welcome to Subtract’: Ed Sheeran’s Touching Live Debut of his New Album

Brandon Kartick tells us all about his experience at Ed Sheeran’s heartfelt live debut of his new album Subtract while giving us a brief history on Sheeran as an artist and the meanings behind his songs.

Guildford Borough Council Elections 2023- this week

Emma Bleeck summarises the parties’ environmental action plans that their representatives voiced at the recent question time evening at Zero Carbon Guildford in preparation for the forthcoming council elections on May the 4th.

“The Unexpected Twist” at the Rose Theatre – A Review

Emma Bleeck watched the musical adaptation of Michael Rosen’s novel, The Unexpected Twist, at the Rose Theatre in Kingston and shares her thoughts on the production’s Oliver Twist retelling.

My experience as a late diagnosed autistic

Letty Raby shares their experience as an autistic person, from the challenges of life without a proper diagnosis and support, to the freedom of knowing who you are and what makes you happy.

Embracing Neurodiversity: A Journey to Understanding and Acceptance

Sam Buss talks about the challenges of being a neurodiverse student, and how Neurodiversity Celebration Week provides an opportunity for discussion and destigmatisation, focusing on the celebration of differences.

The international student experience

Former President of The Stag, Sharmishtha Chahande, reflects on her experience applying to the University of Surrey as an international student, and how her decision has affected her life.

Caught by Pizza?: The Story of Andrew and Tristan Tate’s Arrest

News and Politics Editor, Tomi Ogunlewe, gives us a timeline of events regarding the case of the Tate brothers, from their controversial social media presence to their December 2022 arrest.

Taylor Swift Midnights Review

Sharmishtha Chahande shares her thoughts on Taylor Swift’s latest album,Midnight, a record-breaker that includes a mature and personal take which captures the artist’s growth and innovations during her musical career.

The Stag supports the UCU Strike action — Here’s Why

Nour Morsy briefly explains what the UCU strikes are about and why The Stag supports this action.

International Students’ Day: testimonies from current Surrey Students

Luana Vasconcelos interviews international students at the University about the challenges they’ve overcome, top advice for fellow students and their favourite thing about studying at Surrey.

International Students’ Day: a brief history, events this week and my experience

Luana Vasconcelos introduces International Students’ Day, a celebration of education, cultural diversity and unique experiences.

Another Resignation In Downing Street!

Tomi Ogunlewe comments on Liz Truss’ short rule as Prime Minister, with the news of her resignation bringing uncertainty and unexpected change.

Wellbeing Week 2022: what’s going on, the support you can get, and interview with final year student, Rebecca McDonough

Jodie Thompson introduces students to this year’s Wellbeing Week events and support services at University, and offers wellbeing tips via her interview with a final year student.

Let’s talk intersectionality: The SU and Library’s upcoming Student Curator Project

Luana Vasconcelos introduces the upcoming Student Curator Project in which students will recommend books that talk about intersectionality.

Make Your Change (voting October 17-21)

Luana Vasconcelos highlights the Student Union’s ‘Make Your Change’ Campaign, encouraging students to vote for their chosen idea.

Working Towards “Self-love”

Emma Bleeck opens up about her journey towards discovering self-love and comments on our tendency to rely on others for happiness

Can you sleep out for one night to support young people facing homelessness?

Rosie Willoughby raises awareness about an event hosted by The Amber Foundation charity aimed to support young people suffering homelessness

HM The Queen passes away.

Rosie Willoughby gives us insight on how the news of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s passing has impacted communities around the world.

NHS Sexual Assault Services: Where To Get Help

As part of a new campaign, the NHS explains the services they are offering to help victims of sexual assault.

Questions on the Walk Home

Rosie Willoughby shares a resonant piece detailing the frequent thoughts we tend to encounter upon walking home in the dark.

‘Love Burns’: A Poem for Valentine’s Day

An anonymous student shares their poem, ‘Love Burns’ for Valentine’s Day. We wish you a happy day with your family, friends and loved ones!

Rosie’s Culture Recommendations for the New Year

Rosie Willoughby recommends titles in literature, film, TV and music to sink your teeth into in 2022, from old classics to new finds.

Mental Health in Wintertime

Rosie Willoughby confronts the mental health dips we often experience in winter, reminding students of the support available here at Surrey.

Hope In Depression

Lily Owens explains the courses available at Hope in Depression, a mental health charity designed to offer free support and guidance.

Centre Staged: Maud

Lisa J Cosham spoke to Norwegian musician and producer Maud about her work and what must change to bring more women to the industry.

Why ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ Is A Lie: A Compassionate Lens on Student Wellbeing

Anton Barnwell highlights the prevalence of poor mental wellbeing in students, and explores the options that are there to ease the pressure.

After Atlanta, Confronting Anti-Asian Racism Is Long Overdue

In response to the anti-Asian mass shooting in Atlanta, Russell Sherrard-Smith explores the racism against Asian people and the prejudices we continue to believe.

AS I SEE IT – It’s Okay to Be Anxious About the Easing of COVID Restrictions

Maisie Holcombe explains why she believes the easing of restrictions will be difficult for some people.

Sarah Everard – British Women and their Collective Grief for a Life that Could Have Been our Own

Reflecting on the disappearance of Sarah Everard, Hannah Gravett examines what it means to be a woman in Britain today, highlighting the painful experience of communal grief and the heartbreaking statistics of which we have become numb to.

Top 5 Audiobooks for the Insomniac

Hannah Gravett lists her top audiobooks to help you sleep, from childhood favourites to a political biography

Find Your Fire, Just Don’t Get Burned Out On The Way

Gigi Bushell describes her recent experience of burnout and offers her tips for dealing with it in the future.

Dreams: Making Sense of the Nonsense

Isobel Kavanagh discusses the significant meanings of our dreams

It’s Lockdown 3 and I Think We’re Scared of Hope

Following the dominantly negative discourse surrounding the pandemic, Charlotte West offers some reasons why we shouldn’t let go of hope.

Generation Z and 2021: A Chance to Change

Kasia Ozorowska discusses why she believes Gen Z struggle so much with their mental health compared with previous generations

The Masters I Had Never Planned on Doing and Why You Should Consider One Too

Gigi Bushell opens up about her decision to return to university for a postgraduate course and gives her advice on retraining in a different field.

AS I SEE IT – Why Influencers in Dubai are a Problem

Following the discussion on ‘This Morning’, Maisie Holcombe contributes to the debate surrounding influencers ‘essential’ trips to Dubai, arguing that it is an insult to workers on the frontline.

AS I SEE IT – Are OBE’s Outdated? The Celebratory Remains of Britain’s Colonial Past and the Celebrities Who Decline Them

Hannah Gravett looks at past celebrities who have earned OBEs, arguing that Britain’s imperial past affects the reception of this prestigious award.

Just Relax and Accept the Crazy: Job Hunting Advice to Help You Hustle in the COVID Era

Gigi Bushell gives her top tips for students and graduates job hunting during the pandemic.

I’ll Be Ho-Ho-Home for Christmas Markets This Year

Gigi Bushell shares six of the best virtual Christmas markets this year.

Talking COVID with Surrey Sports: An Interview with Surf Club

In her new series, Clarisse Fullerton chats to the President of Surf Club about how they’ve adapted to the pandemic this semester

The 93% Club, Fighting for Equal Opportunities in an Unequal System

Russell Sherrard-Smith talks with Emma Bowler from the 93% Club Surrey, discussing social mobility and how to change the playing field.

Unmuted: How I Found My Voice as a Student with a Stammer

James Tatam opens up about his experience of living with a stutter and how he has learnt to dealt with at university and beyond.

AS I SEE IT – How Good Grades Can Make You Dumb

Leon Lynn explains why he believes grades aren’t everything, and how taking up hobbies outside of your field can improve intelligence and aid in greater employability opportunities.