Financial problems at the University of Surrey

Financial problems at the University of Surrey

Incoming Treasurer, Matt Cockfield-Hall, lays out the facts of the University’s current financial woes; from Max Lu to how it will affect you.

You Matter a Lot, actually – A Plea About Palestine

You Matter a Lot, actually – A Plea About Palestine

Nour Morsy discusses the ongoing conflict in Palestine, describing the history, current situation and what people around the world can learn.

Guildford Borough Council Elections 2023- this week

Emma Bleeck summarises the parties’ environmental action plans that their representatives voiced at the recent question time evening at Zero Carbon Guildford in preparation for the forthcoming council elections on May the 4th.

Caught by Pizza?: The Story of Andrew and Tristan Tate’s Arrest

News and Politics Editor, Tomi Ogunlewe, gives us a timeline of events regarding the case of the Tate brothers, from their controversial social media presence to their December 2022 arrest.

Live from Surrey: Armstrong

Luka Dehnbostel writes about the interview of Live from Surrey contestants, ‘Armstrong’. An indie rock band with great aspirations to be the biggest band ever.

The Stag supports the UCU Strike action — Here’s Why

Nour Morsy briefly explains what the UCU strikes are about and why The Stag supports this action.

Another Resignation In Downing Street!

Tomi Ogunlewe comments on Liz Truss’ short rule as Prime Minister, with the news of her resignation bringing uncertainty and unexpected change.

Wellbeing Week 2022: what’s going on, the support you can get, and interview with final year student, Rebecca McDonough

Jodie Thompson introduces students to this year’s Wellbeing Week events and support services at University, and offers wellbeing tips via her interview with a final year student.

Let’s talk intersectionality: The SU and Library’s upcoming Student Curator Project

Luana Vasconcelos introduces the upcoming Student Curator Project in which students will recommend books that talk about intersectionality.

Make Your Change (voting October 17-21)

Luana Vasconcelos highlights the Student Union’s ‘Make Your Change’ Campaign, encouraging students to vote for their chosen idea.

Can you sleep out for one night to support young people facing homelessness?

Rosie Willoughby raises awareness about an event hosted by The Amber Foundation charity aimed to support young people suffering homelessness

HM The Queen passes away.

Rosie Willoughby gives us insight on how the news of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s passing has impacted communities around the world.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, A Review and a Chat with a Fellow Fan

Robyn Quick reviews Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as snippets from a chat with fellow fan, Nisha Kang.

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Robyn Quick reports on the University’s vigil in remembrance of lives lost to transphobic violence, held on campus on 17th November.

COP26: Everything You Need To Know

Ellen Parry reports on this year’s global climate change event COP26, outlining the projects taking place and who will be in attendance.

Offensive Posters Comparing Black History Month Events to Segregation Placed Around University of Surrey Campus

Peter Ferguson reports on the offensive and right-wing adjacent posters seen across the University of Surrey Stag Hill Campus.

Sarah Everard: A Woman’s Reflections

Today Wayne Couzens was sentenced to a life in prison over the murder of Sarah Everard. Betsy Goodfellow shares her thoughts.

Surrey Decides: Question Time Night Three Roundup

Maisie Holcombe and Isobel Kavanagh provide a roundup of the final Question Time covering the Voice Zone and the Presidential debate.

Surrey Decides: Question Time Night Two Roundup

Robyn Quick provides a roundup of Monday’s Question Time covering all areas of the Activity Zone

Surrey Decides: Question Time Night One Roundup

Betsy Goodfellow and Charlotte West provide a roundup of Sunday’s Question Time covering the Community and Support Zone