Memories and the Political Paintbrush

Memories and the Political Paintbrush

Sustainability Editor, Matt Cockfield-Hall, takes a trip down memory lane as he traces how politics have painted the landscape of his village.

You Matter a Lot, actually – A Plea About Palestine

You Matter a Lot, actually – A Plea About Palestine

Nour Morsy discusses the ongoing conflict in Palestine, describing the history, current situation and what people around the world can learn.

Guildford Borough Council Elections 2023- this week

Emma Bleeck summarises the parties’ environmental action plans that their representatives voiced at the recent question time evening at Zero Carbon Guildford in preparation for the forthcoming council elections on May the 4th.

Caught by Pizza?: The Story of Andrew and Tristan Tate’s Arrest

News and Politics Editor, Tomi Ogunlewe, gives us a timeline of events regarding the case of the Tate brothers, from their controversial social media presence to their December 2022 arrest.

The Stag supports the UCU Strike action — Here’s Why

Nour Morsy briefly explains what the UCU strikes are about and why The Stag supports this action.

Five reasons why I recommend ‘Americanah’

Luana Vasconcelos celebrates Black History Month by recommending ‘Americanah’, a novel that highlights black stories in a positive, genuine way.

Another Resignation In Downing Street!

Tomi Ogunlewe comments on Liz Truss’ short rule as Prime Minister, with the news of her resignation bringing uncertainty and unexpected change.

Expanding The Happiest Place On Earth

Rosie Willoughby discusses the renovations taking places across Disney parks as Imagineers aim to create a more diverse experience.

COP26: Everything You Need To Know

Ellen Parry reports on this year’s global climate change event COP26, outlining the projects taking place and who will be in attendance.

AS I SEE IT – Gwyneth Paltrow’s BreadGate: Why Women Don’t Need Another Excuse To Punish Their Bodies

Hannah Gravett criticises The Guardian’s response to Gwyneth Paltrow’s panic over consuming carbs.

HIV/AIDS Stigma in 21st Century Britain

Harry Moreby looks at the historical stigma against people with HIV and AIDS in light of Channel 4’s new hit drama ‘It’s a Sin’

AS I SEE IT – The Kardashian Paradox: THAT Khloe Photo that Broke the Internet

Hannah Gravett looks at the recent Khloe Kardashian scandal, arguing that by defending the exposure of her natural photos she is further perpetuating the damaging desire for perfection in young women.

Sarah Everard – British Women and their Collective Grief for a Life that Could Have Been our Own

Reflecting on the disappearance of Sarah Everard, Hannah Gravett examines what it means to be a woman in Britain today, highlighting the painful experience of communal grief and the heartbreaking statistics of which we have become numb to.

AS I SEE IT – LGBTQ+ Rights in a Post-Brexit Britain

Harry Moreby analyses the risk to LGBTQ+ rights from Brexit in light of the anti LGBTQ+ comments from the Prime Minister and members of the Government.

AS I SEE IT – Debating ‘Beanz on Bix’ in the House of Commons Isn’t Cute: It’s an Embarrassing Insult to the Thousands Lost to the Virus

Following Weetabix’s viral tweet last Wednesday, Hannah Gravett argues that the politicians’ engagement with the debate is inappropriate following their repeated mistakes during the pandemic.

AS I SEE IT – Why Giving Vulnerable Families an Additional £20 Shouldn’t Be Up For Debate

Hannah Gravett argues that the government’s resistance to extend the temporary £20 weekly rise in Universal Credit is a disgrace, and insists that for many across the country £20 is a lifeline.

AS I SEE IT – Why You Should Befriend Your Nearest Racist

Laura Gainor argues that we must rethink how we engage with racists and better seek to deradicalise them through conversation.

AS I SEE IT – Twitter Locks Trump’s Account: Why Social Media Defying the President is Too Little Too Late

Following Twitter’s suspension of Donald Trump’s account last week, Hannah Gravett argues that the decision comes too late, as the damage has already been done.

AS I SEE IT – Understanding the Fallout of Confronting a Family Political Division

Amber Penter shares how recent political events in the US strained her relationship with members of her family.

As I see it – Teachers deserve so much more support

Luka Dehnbostel writes about the lack of support for teachers and the options to better help them and students