The Dangers of Dating Apps for the LGBTQ+ Community

Patrick Hope explores the danger of online dating for the LGBTQ+ community, with multiple surrey student interviews highlighting the widespread issue.

The Contact Tracing App and Your Privacy

Adam Dowse looks at the government’s track and trace app, questioning its privacy and exploring the reasons why it hasn’t been widely adopted already.

The Anti-Vaccination Movement and its Effects on Society

Anthony Balchin explores the origin of the Vaccine and the overall impact the anti-vaccination movement has on humanity and the risks posed.

Is Nuclear Fusion an Answer to Our Climate Crisis?

Holly Thompson briefly explains Nuclear Fusion – a potentially ideal power source, with no pollution and an arguably limitless source of fuel.

The Apollo 11 Landing – 50 Years On

Holly Thompson goes back in time to the moon landing, exploring its purpose and impact.

Will We Ever Understand Dark Matter?

Dark matter makes up mos of the matter in our universe, however we are still perplexed by its mysterious nature. Prof. Justin Read is interviewed by Anthony Balchin and Holly Thompson.

Why recycling won’t solve our plastic problem

Katie MacMillan explores our everyday waste production and its effects, raising awareness of what we can all do to improve

Giving vision to robots with Pedro Proença

Mafalda Farelo interviews Pedro Proença regarding his PhD project – looking at the difficulties and successes he’s experienced throughout his research.

From Gamma Factory to creating Dark Matter: What happens inside the Large Hadron Collider?

FRESHERS SPECIAL: Anthony Balchin gives an insight into one of the most ambitious projects taking place on earth.

Cassini – A Year On

This saturday marks one year since the Cassini program ended, Holly Thompson investigates one of NASA’s most ambitious missions and explores the discoveries it made.