The mirage of the perfect life isn’t just changing how we act, it’s ruining our minds as well

The mirage of the perfect life isn’t just changing how we act, it’s ruining our minds as well

Debut writer, Dan Reed, offers his honest thoughts on how social media has affected mental health and perceptions of the “good life”.

“Richard III” at the Rose Theatre – A Review

Emma Bleeck went to the press night of “Richard III” at the Rose Theatre and expresses her thoughts on the performance and the production’s changes to the classic play in her review.

This is how you do a farewell concert

Ivy Ivanova tells us about Panic! At The Disco’s concert. Being one of their last shows after announcing their disbandment, she takes us through the incredible experience of attending the concert.

65 is good, actually

Rosie Willoughby reviews 65, a simple action movie but which includes genuine performances by Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt.

“The Unexpected Twist” at the Rose Theatre – A Review

Emma Bleeck watched the musical adaptation of Michael Rosen’s novel, The Unexpected Twist, at the Rose Theatre in Kingston and shares her thoughts on the production’s Oliver Twist retelling.

The international student experience

Former President of The Stag, Sharmishtha Chahande, reflects on her experience applying to the University of Surrey as an international student, and how her decision has affected her life.

“Noughts + Crosses” at the Rose Theatre Kingston – A Review

Emma Bleeck offers her thoughts on the theatrical adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s novel, Noughts + Crosses, at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

The Play That Goes Wrong – A Review and Interview

President and Vice-President, Luka Dehnbostel and Rosie Willoughby, visit The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre, writing a review, interviewing one of its stars, and offering students a lucky discount for tickets.

Glass Onion: a review

Rosie Willoughby shares her thoughts on Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion, and how the movie mirrors the reality of 2022 through its characters and plot.

International Students’ Day: testimonies from current Surrey Students

Luana Vasconcelos interviews international students at the University about the challenges they’ve overcome, top advice for fellow students and their favourite thing about studying at Surrey.

Five reasons why I recommend ‘Americanah’

Luana Vasconcelos celebrates Black History Month by recommending ‘Americanah’, a novel that highlights black stories in a positive, genuine way.

Don’t Be An Idiot, Avoid Bitcoin

Joel Parr examines the common misconceptions surrounding the money-making system Bitcoin, and the risks that come with using it.

AS I SEE IT – Gwyneth Paltrow’s BreadGate: Why Women Don’t Need Another Excuse To Punish Their Bodies

Hannah Gravett criticises The Guardian’s response to Gwyneth Paltrow’s panic over consuming carbs.

AS I SEE IT – The Kardashian Paradox: THAT Khloe Photo that Broke the Internet

Hannah Gravett looks at the recent Khloe Kardashian scandal, arguing that by defending the exposure of her natural photos she is further perpetuating the damaging desire for perfection in young women.

AS I SEE IT – Is TALA’s Collaboration with ASOS Undermining their Sustainability Efforts?

Following the announcement of TALA’s collaboration with ASOS, Yasmin Norvill examines whether this partnership has undermined TALA’s sustainability efforts.

AS I SEE IT – It’s Okay to Be Anxious About the Easing of COVID Restrictions

Maisie Holcombe explains why she believes the easing of restrictions will be difficult for some people.

AS I SEE IT – LGBTQ+ Rights in a Post-Brexit Britain

Harry Moreby analyses the risk to LGBTQ+ rights from Brexit in light of the anti LGBTQ+ comments from the Prime Minister and members of the Government.

AS I SEE IT – Debating ‘Beanz on Bix’ in the House of Commons Isn’t Cute: It’s an Embarrassing Insult to the Thousands Lost to the Virus

Following Weetabix’s viral tweet last Wednesday, Hannah Gravett argues that the politicians’ engagement with the debate is inappropriate following their repeated mistakes during the pandemic.

AS I SEE IT – Why Taylor Swift is a 21st Century Feminist Icon

Betsy Goodfellow argues that, by using her platform to discuss issues of politics and misogyny, Taylor Swift becomes an important feminist icon.

Generation Z and 2021: A Chance to Change

Kasia Ozorowska discusses why she believes Gen Z struggle so much with their mental health compared with previous generations