Harrow Woods Resort

“I was woken up by the rattling of the car. The clanking of pipes in its underbelly sounded like gunfire in my nightmare…” by Annabella Costantino

Someone Else’s Chair

In a parking lot on the outskirts of Montgomery, every Wednesday the local church held a Flea Market. A Short story by Sam Murphy

The Bandit

A Poem by Ellie Turner

The relationship between books and trigger warnings

As movember continues alongside Stag Media’s mental health awareness push, Helia Daryani looks into the effects media and literature can have on mental health and the need for trigger warnings.

3 Books that Explore Mental Heath

This November, Stag Media are advocating Mental Health awareness and support. Amy Newham kicks this off with three books that cleverly and honestly explore mental health.

Poetry is more than just Shakespeare: it’s art without boundaries

How would you approach writing a flawless poem? For National Poetry Day Helia Daryani looks at her own experiences writing poetry and how it’s developed through her education.

How to Support Your Favourite Authors

FRESHERS SPECIAL: Helia Daryani explains some of the best ways to help your favourite authors benefit from your readership.


by Kieran Adamson


by James Tatam

Diamonds for the Damned

An Excerpt from Emily Byfield-Riches’ new short novel ‘Diamonds for the Damned’ – Available to read free online now