The Best Memes from Question Time

Chelsey King breaks down the top 10 memes from SurreyDecides question time. Including a special interview with James Barlow, one of the night’s moderators.

The Presidential Candidate Interview: Njabby Mendlula

Charlotte West has our 3rd interview with the presidential candidates, Njabby Mendlula talks us through his manifesto.

The Presidential Candidate Interview: Nick Werren

Emily Wootton interviews presidential candidate, Nick Werren, chatting manifestos and, of course, memes.

The Presidential Candidate Interview: Gemma Paine

“Gemma looked comfortably at home as she reflected on her experience working within the union…” Interview by Charlotte West ahead of upcoming SU debates.

Surrey Decides: Why Should You Care?

Emily Byfield-Riches explains why the Student Union elections are important, and may directly affect your future time here at Surrey.

Paygate: The Problem with Surrey’s Vice-Chancellor

Editor in Chief Michael Slavin investigates Max Lu’s surprising salary figures, exploring perspectives from both students and university management.

What you should probably know about Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Sophie Pike explores Body Dysmorphic Disorder; looking at it’s effects and the impact society and the media have on the condition.

Bethany Dawson: It’s Time to Notice Invisible Disabilities

“You probably wouldn’t realise upon meeting Bethany that she has a disability.” Bethany McAtee hears Dawson’s struggle, living with an invisible illness.

From Paganism to Commercialisation: The Evolution of Christmas

We all look forward to gathering around the Christmas tree, sharing gifts and company but how many of us celebrate Christmas for what it traditionally meant. by Sophie Pike

A Quirky Student Gift-Giving Guide

Will Wilkins has scoured the internet to find the best (under £20) presents to give to your family, housemates, or that special someone.

Sustainability this Christmas

What’s happening in Yemen, and why aren’t we hearing about it?

Isabel Rolfe explores the ongoing war in Yeman, where our countries are directly supplying arms affecting millions of people. Where are the news stories and why are they not being given the attention they deserve?

The relationship between books and trigger warnings

As movember continues alongside Stag Media’s mental health awareness push, Helia Daryani looks into the effects media and literature can have on mental health and the need for trigger warnings.

How Well Do Our Troops Cope After Being Dumped on ‘Civvy Street’?

Lisa Cosham takes a deeper look into the stark consequences of war, today on remembrance sunday we consider the many fatal sacrifices – but ‘lest we forget’ the living.

Why Rock Bottom is far enough.

“My mental illness had to be physically threatening to be taken seriously.” Continuing with Stag Media’s drive for mental health awareness, Ellie Davies tells her story.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight MH370

CONSPIRACY COLUMN: Atiya Chowdhury kicks off this new series by delving into one of the biggest mysteries in recent history…

The Sandwich Year Interview: Rufaro Mazarura and Publicity at HBO

To finish off our freshers week specials, Charlotte West introduces a new series of interviews exploring students and their placement companies.

People and Planet Society Roundup

FRESHERS SPECIAL: Do you think you could do more towards the environment and unfair trade? Asini Liyanage introduces People and Planet Society.

Could you start making money from your photos?

Joseph Hobbs from introduces a ‘Young Photographer Network’, showcasing the work of emerging photographers.

Ten Reasons you should be excited about starting at the University of Surrey

Why should you be excited about joining the university of surrey? Emily Wootton explains what’s so great!

KWAF: Why should you care?

Your VP Voice, Olly Shearman, discusses why KWAF (Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free) is so important.

Dangers of Spiking in Bar 13

A dramatic account from a Guildford night out.

by Emily Byfield-Riches

Moving forward with an addiction

How do you overcome an addiction? How do you approach a friend or family member about their addiction? What exactly is an addiction? I spoke to recovering cocaine and alcohol addict, Lauren Windle, who provided me with her insightful personal experience about how she tackled and escaped the cycle of addiction.

The positive mentality encouraging success

Hannah Ajala is a broadcast journalist at the BBC World Service, meaning learning about other people’s stories plays a big role in her life. However the story of how Hannah became a journalist involves a little trick she came across, called positive delusion, which she now dedicates time to sharing with others so that their goals can become reality too.

2017: Making New Years Resolutions

Every year, when the 1st of January arrives, we reflect on the past year and who we have become, considering what it is we would like to change. Some say nothing, some say whatever will be, will be, but the majority of us make a New Years resolution that we are determined to stick to. Yet, somehow after only a few days, we revert back to our old ways and our New Years resolution is but a withering flower… How can we overcome this problem?