Guildford Borough Council Elections 2023- this week

Emma Bleeck summarises the parties’ environmental action plans that their representatives voiced at the recent question time evening at Zero Carbon Guildford in preparation for the forthcoming council elections on May the 4th.

My experience as a late diagnosed autistic

Letty Raby shares their experience as an autistic person, from the challenges of life without a proper diagnosis and support, to the freedom of knowing who you are and what makes you happy.

Embracing Neurodiversity: A Journey to Understanding and Acceptance

Sam Buss talks about the challenges of being a neurodiverse student, and how Neurodiversity Celebration Week provides an opportunity for discussion and destigmatisation, focusing on the celebration of differences.

Caught by Pizza?: The Story of Andrew and Tristan Tate’s Arrest

News and Politics Editor, Tomi Ogunlewe, gives us a timeline of events regarding the case of the Tate brothers, from their controversial social media presence to their December 2022 arrest.

The Stag supports the UCU Strike action — Here’s Why

Nour Morsy briefly explains what the UCU strikes are about and why The Stag supports this action.

Can you sleep out for one night to support young people facing homelessness?

Rosie Willoughby raises awareness about an event hosted by The Amber Foundation charity aimed to support young people suffering homelessness

Issue 99 (January 2021)

Issue 99 (January 2021)

Inside Issue 99 of The Stag, you can find beautifully designed articles on everything from coverage on important issues, handy tips to get through socially distanced learning, sustainable content and so much more!