Song & Album Review (May)

Jonathan Sirit

Gloom Sleeper – The Black Side (Song)

This month’s Stag Song of the Month is The Black Side by German four piece Gloom Sleeper. At just over three minutes it packs enough tonal shifts and distinctive styles to remain interesting, and even the simple, uninspired lyrics (‘there are no dreams left for me’) fail to detract from the track that would thrive with sufficient radio play.

You can listen to The Black Side here:

Rating: 4/5

Photo © Jonathan Sirit


Seafret – Tell Me It’s Real (Album)


January saw the release of Tell Me It’s Real, the debut album from Yorkshire based folk duo Seafret. The album is 13 tracks (16 on the deluxe edition) of often ocean themed music, with album’s saving grace being that these bland inoffensive ballads run for the most part in three minutes or less. Aside from the critical and commercial success that Seafret have somehow achieved, the duo will no doubt thrive licensing their music to similarly bland and inoffensive independent romantic comedies for years to come. You can listen to Tell Me It’s Real here.

Rating: 2/5

This article was first printed in the May 2016 issue of ‘The Stag’, the magazine of the students of the University of Surrey.