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AS I SEE IT – How Good Grades Can Make You Dumb

Leon Lynn explains why he believes grades aren’t everything, and how taking up hobbies outside of your field can improve intelligence and aid in greater employability opportunities.

It’s All Zoom and Gloom Right Now: How to Stay and Slay at Home During Lockdown 2.0

Gigi Bushell offers her top tips for students on how to best survive lockdown 2.0

White Supremacist Posters Spotted at the University of Surrey and in Guildford

White Supremacist posters have been spotted around the University of Surrey and Guildford town centre, Peter Ferguson reports.

Guildford MP Votes Against Extending Free School Meals for Children

Irene García reports on Guildford MP’s vote against the expansion of free school meals.

The Arts Saved Us During Lockdown, But Now Who Will Save Them?

Hannah Gravett explores the importance of the arts and the financial neglect they have suffered from the government.

AS I SEE IT – Fake It ‘Till You Make It

Gigi Bushell discusses her experience of imposter syndrome and the best ways in which to tackle it.

Surrey’s Award-Winning Placement Year: Stories From the Students it Failed

Charlotte West discusses the potential failings of Surrey’s placement scheme and chats to other students about their experiences.

These Divided States of America: Trump vs. Biden

James Penny analyses the major issues at stake in the 2020 US election, exploring its importance and the candidates’ likely paths to success.

As I See It – Trump Wants to Ban WeChat (and TikTok) and That’s a Really Bad Idea

Russell Sherrard-Smith argues against the Trump administration plan to ban WeChat and the issues faced by Chinese Americans.

As I See It – Are Gymshark to Blame for Their Own Backlash to Body Positivity?

Isabel Rolfe looks back at the the controversy following Gymshark’s Instagram post of Nelly London in their activewear and discusses how much the brand are too blame for the negative response

As I See It – Lockdown Had Its Silver Linings

Betsy Goodfellow reflects on her experience on lockdown and considers the potential benefits of the extra time.

Centre Staged: Bastille

Charlotte West catches up with Bastille about their daring new singles, the future of live music, and frontman Dan Smith’s psychic abilities.

AS I SEE IT – The Tories Blame Game: Is the Conservative party Devoid of Owning Up to the Tragedy of COVID-19?

Hannah Gravett analyses how the conservative government dealt with COVID-19 and identifies how they’ve been shifting the blame to the electorate.

Losing My Dad: The Battle Between Grief and Guilt

As it approaches the year anniversary of her father’s death, Bea Costley opens up about her experience of dealing with grief, and the surprising guilt that accompanied it.

Overcoming Gym Intimidation and How to Begin Your Lifting Journey at Surrey University

Jolena Scholz explores the feeling of intimidation at the gym, felt particularly by women, and provides advice on how to combat this at Surrey

How COVID-19 has Altered Queer Expression

Reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on the community, Karim Acolina explores why now more than ever LGBTQ+ people must come together and celebrate their identity.

CBD Oil: Does it Deserve the Hype?

Lydia Halsey uncovers the mystery surrounding CBD oil, exploring its positive impacts on anxiety; while dismantling the misconceptions that have surrounded CBD

Student Wellbeing in a ‘Pre Post-COVID’ World

The Peer Support Team discuss the importance of wellbeing during this difficult time, and the ways in which their new Peer Support Scheme can aid students

The Screen Where It Happens: Hamilton The Musical

Following the release of hit musical Hamilton on Disney+, Rachel Murray assesses the themes of the show and extracts their relevance to the political climate of 2020

The Many Lives of Ray Bradbury

James Tatam reflects on the iconic life of author Ray Bradbury. Discussing intricate details of his life, his work and his notable impact on Hollywood to this day.

How to Eat Sustainably at University: 5 Simple Steps

Hannah Gravett looks at the best ways to eat sustainably, especially for new students arriving at Uni for the first time!

Surrey Library to Operate at 45% Capacity in Semester One

The University of Surrey’s library reopens with COVID regulations in place, preventing students from spending no more than 12 hours a week to study in the library, Charlotte West reports.

Fitness on Instagram: How I Use Social Media to Hold Myself Accountable

Jolena Scholz explains how and why she started using Instagram to track her fitness goals.

Why Minorities Fail

Laura Gainor explores why minorities face prejudice and apparent failure in society today whilst examining the intersection of privilege.

The Democrats Have Learned Nothing From the Last 4 Years, and a Kamala Harris VP Pick Proves it

George Buskell argues against Kamala Harris’s selection as the Democratic Party VP pick and unpacks her controversial career

Closing the Gaps

Nduka Nduka-Eze explores the BAME attainment gap in the UK and how it manifests in a university setting.

The Rise of YouTube Workouts: Are They Tackling Diet Culture?

Emma Brine explores the nuances behind the rise in YouTube workouts during lockdown, questioning whether it is simply another avenue promoting diet culture.

Starting University Amidst a Pandemic

Alice Brooks provides advice for new students who will have to cope with settling into university with social distancing in place.

Taylor Swift’s Album ‘Folklore’: A Review

Clarisse Fullerton gives a rave five star review for Taylor Swift’s latest album, Folklore.

A Black Curriculum: How Willing are Surrey Schools to Make a Change?

Nadia Fernandes writes about the necessity to diversify school curriculums and her campaign to get her former school in Surrey to adopt a new approach.

The Government’s Implementation of Calorie Counts on Menus Will Make ED Recovery that Little Bit Harder

Hannah Gravett discusses the government backed plan to enforce calorie counts on restaurant menus and the detrimental effect that will have on those recovering from eating disorders.

Centre Staged: Melanie Baker

Have you been looking for some calm acoustics to accompany the recent flurry of summer days? Yasmin Norvill interviews up-and-coming artist Melanie Baker.

The Lost Connection Between the Filipino People and our Past – the Effects of Colonialism in this Generation

Isaiah Ting and Hazel Ting research into the effects of colonialism in Filipino culture today.

Glee: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Kieran Adamson looks back at the life of the TV phenomenon ‘Glee’, reviewing it’s best and worst bits and exploring the mark it’s left behind.

The Role of Fashion in Sport – From Self-Expression to Greater Performance

Clarisse Fullerton discusses the ways in which sports clothing has changed throughout history and how it often signifies a winning mentality.

PSA: Zac Efron is still hot and body shaming is still not

In response to the recent discourse surrounding Zac Efron’s ‘dad bod’, Yasmin Norvill discusses why our society is so fascinated by stories of weight loss and weight gain. This article contains references to eating disorders.

Wear a Fucking Mask

Nick Werren argues for everyone to wear a mask while examining the political battlefield surrounding the topic. Article contains frequent strong language

Far-Right Youtuber Allegedly a Former Surrey Lecturer – University Investigates

Irene García and Peter Ferguson report on investigations carried out by the University against a lecturer.

TV or Silver Screen: How Cinema Must Adapt

Reflecting on the impact of the pandemic, Rachel Quick analyses how our relationship with cinemas may change in a post COVID-19 world.

Black Lives Matter – How we can all Contribute to an Anti-Racist Society

Shadele Brown writes in support of Anti-Racist movements and shares educational resources to help people be productive instead of performative in their activism.

Centre Staged: Dutch Criminal Record

Portsmouth based indie surf band, Dutch Criminal Record are set to have their biggest year yet. Yasmin Norvill interviews them.

What I Learned From the British Council’s Policymaking Course

Yasmin Aytüre reflects on what she learnt from the British Council’s Policymaking Course and how we can reconceptualise public policymaking.

Students Save Our Theatres: An Interview with Florence Andrews

Lily Pearce speaks to Theatre Society’s, Florence Andrews about the future of theatre in a post COVID-19 world and promotes the ‘Students Save Our Theatres’ national campaign.

Student Satisfaction Drops at the University of Surrey for the Fifth Year Running

The 2020 National Student Survey revealed that Surrey has dropped in overall student satisfaction for the fifth year running, Charlotte West reports.

I Can Speak English, You Know

Isaiah Ting shares his experience with racist abuse and the feelings of anger, confusion, fear and hopelessness it causes him.

“He’s like a second Dad to us” – Surrey Students’ Favourite Night Bus Driver

Charlotte West highlights the Instagram account of the Surrey night bus driver and speaks to fellow students about why he is their favourite.

Creativity as an Escape in a Pandemic

Samuel Awonuga describes the inspiration behind creating the ‘Surrey at Home’ anthology released by the Community Zone last week.

To Pub or Not to Pub? The Polarisation of the Nation: the Unexpected Symptom of COVID19

Hannah Gravett reflects on the reopening of pubs last weekend and urges the public to direct any anger towards the government rather than each other.

Centre Staged: Marsicans

Yasmin Norvill interviews up and coming indie stars, Marsicans in the first instalment of her brand new series ‘Centre Staged’

LGBTQ Representation in Film: A Look at the Stats

Lily Pearce investigates recent statistics regarding on screen LGBTQ+ representation and argues the importance of diversity in film.