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Sustainable Beauty Alternatives

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Three Things I Learnt Travelling in Tokyo

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Grind Culture: The Silent Epidemic

What’s the difference between an accidental dance rub and a fully-fledged crotch to backside violation? Hollie Saunders takes a look at what’s acceptable.

Balling On A Budget

With a variety of glamourous events coming up towards the end of the year, Alice Kimber gives tips and tricks on how to ball on a budget!

Texas Through the Eyes of a Brit: the Good, the Bad and the Straight Up Weird!

Beth Roberts explores the huge cultural differences between Surrey and Texas during her year studying abroad.

Twelve Drinks of Christmas

As the evenings get darker, it’s time to step into the kitchen and warm your insides with some festive cocktails and mocktails. by Sophie Williams

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Festival Fashion

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My Favourite Things: #1 Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup

Recently, there has been a huge growth of veganism which is impossible to ignore, with this growth has been an increase of interest in cruelty free, sustainable food products. Additionally there has been recent research on the negative impacts of sugar on our bodies. However, despite the well publicised health and environmental benefits of this kind of diet, do we really have to sacrifice taste?

Should we eat like cavemen? – The lowdown on the Paleo Diet

‘The Paleo Diet’, or the Paleolithic Diet, was based on the paleolithics. To you or me, this means eating what a caveman would eat. This diet is widely recognised by its primary focus of meat, vegetables and fats as opposed to carbohydrates. However, this idea is much confused with the better known ‘Atkins Diet.’ In this article I will attempt to explain the differences between the two.